USS Excalibur

Shuttlecraft Naming Conventions

Created by Captain Anthony Richardson on Sun Sep 15, 2019 @ 9:35am

Each shuttlecraft on the USS Excalibur is named in a particular way, as there are multiple versions of shuttlecrafts, each type of craft are named in the same manner. This is in line with traditional naming conventions. Each shuttle is also given a hull designation to determine and identify each shuttlecraft when it is used. The naming conventions also apply to the runabouts, but not to the fighters onboard. Fighters are just acknowledged as Valkyrie-1 through to Valkyrie-48 (the total number of Valkyrie-class fighters onboard the USS Excalibur). Players are welcome to include these names or the shuttle hull number in their posts. Currently, the USS Excalibur has the following shuttles and runabouts onboard. There are times when shuttles or other craft are rotated out for maintenance or to suit a particular mission, and the list below will be updated, along with the specifications.

4x Type 11 shuttlecraft 2x Type 9 shuttlecraft
3x Type 8 shuttlecraft 1x Type 6 shuttlecraft
1x Argo Runabout 1x Delta Flyer
1x Volga Runabout 1x Danube Runabout


Type 11 shuttlecraft Type 9 shuttlecraft
named after American astronauts named after locations in Australia
S-110 (Shuttle Aldrin) S-115 (Shuttle Canberra)
S-225 (Shuttle Armstrong) S-81 (Shuttle Adelaide)
S-91 (Shuttle Sheppard)
S-36 (Shuttle Mattingly)
Type 8 shuttlecraft Type 6 shuttlecraft
named after famous locomotives named after Knights of the Round Table
S-38 (Shuttle 01) S-55 (Shuttle Galahad)
S-1058 (Shuttle Orient)
S-150 (Shuttle Mallard)

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