Simulation Time-Jump Scenarios

Created by Captain Anthony Richardson on Sun Sep 15, 2019 @ 9:03am

In late 2019, Bravo Fleet decided to announce that with the introduction at some time in 2020 of Star Trek: Picard, that the fleet would be moving its sim year from its current state to the year 2399. The announcement can be found at The announcement also was made that the sim year to real year ratio would be changed from its current setting of 2:1 (i.e. for every two years of real-life, only one year of the fleet will pass) to a more sensible 1:1 ratio.

While this will affect all mainline Bravo Fleet simulations (those simulations in Task Forces 9, 38, 72 and 93), the Excalibur simulation began discussions to immediately begin the time jump ahead of the rest of the fleet. It was decided by the crew that rather than waiting for an unknown date and moving more than 10 years in one moment, without any understanding or acknowledgement, along with the lasting effects on crew and personal storylines for many characters with regards to promotions, assignments, etc... that the simulation would make a series of smaller jumps over the next 6-7 months, using a baseline of June/July 2020 as the final jump date to 2399. Further discussions made it seem impossible that the simulation could indeed stay in its then Task Force, that being Task Force 93, and the decision was also made to request a transfer of the simulation to Task Force 99, where these jumps could still be made but at our own pace, rather than a timeline and an unknown date in 2020, and with only a month's notice given to simulations.

The first jump was planned for the end of the mission All In A Day's Work and would result in the simulation moving from its current sim year of 2389 to 2391, a jump of two years. As the Excalibur simulation did not use the 2:1 sim ratio anyways, the sim year would just move without any need to change dates or recognize sim dates. The simulation would reference a range of missions undertaken during the sim "time jump" without the missions actually being completed. This would allow for new characters to arrive, crew to have ideas to write about at the beginning and throughout each mission and also to allow for crew to rotate characters should they choose to, based on their personal preference whilst a member of the simulation.

Sim Jump from 2389 to 2391
This list is not exhaustive, but a few ideas discussed and thought through that would have been undertaken by the sim in the two years that will have passed between the end of the mission All In A Day's Work and the mission Do You Remember?

  • 2389: Funeral for Commander Murphy following his death in All In A Day's Work.
  • 2389: Return to Starbase 11 for new crew rotation.
  • 2390: Assignment to Providence Fleet Yards for patrol mission between PFY and Earth. Running searches on cargo ships, determining ships travelling illegally, too fast, etc...
  • 2390: Return to Earth for shoreleave, crew rotation, etc...
  • 2390: Assignment to Mizar system to mediate dispute between Mizarians and Talarians.
  • 2390: Assignment to Penthara IV to assist with rotation of weather control systems.
  • 2390: Starbase 214 for shoreleave
  • 2391: Assignment to Akaria Base/Remmler Array for rotational baryon sweeps.
  • 2391: Assignment to Theta Zibal III (Zibal System) to collect more stolen artifacts that were stolen by Kivas Fajo in 2366