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Security Codes

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The command authorization code (or simply authorization code) was an alphanumeric sequence used by militaries and civilian agencies to allow access to certain command protocols and restricted information. These codes were also known as a voice authorization code, security code, command code, access code, or simply a password. Some of the many uses of authorization codes including activating and cancelling auto-destruct sequences, transferring of command of a starship, accessing secured locations, and ejecting a warp core.

In Starfleet, the style of code varied from decade to decade. In 2365, the code was a long sequence of numbers, letters from the Human Greek and English alphabets pronounced phonetically, and colours. By the following year, the code was standardized to a form used from that point on. Typically, this included the user's name, Greek letters, and numbers. Codes were changed on a regular basis to prevent sabotage and security breaches. Command codes could be transferred and divided among different parties if a relevant situation arose.

Access to all data is highly regulated. A standard set of access levels have been programmed into the computer cores of all ships in order to stop any undesired access to confidential data. Security levels are also variable, and task-specific. Certain areas of the ship are restricted to unauthorized personnel, regardless of security level. Security levels can also be raised, lowered, or revoked by Command personnel. The main computer grants access based on checks to the individual user, including face and voice recognition in conjunction with a vocal code as an added level of security.


Level 1 Allows access to ship personnel and official logs.
Allows access to weapons locker for Starfleet personnel.
Level 2
(and above)
Required to access classified information regarding the USS Voyager following its disappearance in the Badlands in 2371.
Level 3
(and above)
Allows personnel to lock official personal logs, preventing access for any personnel bare Level 8 or higher.
Level 4
(and above)
Allows access to Deep Space 9's ship-departure logs.
Level required to access tactical data, including multi-vector assault mode, on the USS Prometheus. This level is also required to access ship's communications aboard the Prometheus.
Required access level to be a Starfleet Intelligence officer.
Level 5
(and above)
Required access to show the station layout of DS9, while highlighting all repaired replicators on the command level.
Level 6
(and above)
unknown at this moment
Level 7
(and above)
Allows access to weapons locker for non-station/ship operations personnel.
Level 8
(and above)
unknown at this moment
Level 9
(and above)
unknown at this moment
Level 10 This security level is for information labeled as for captain's eyes only.
Required to access the Omega One data file, which contains information on the Omega Directive.

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