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Being an active-based simulation there are some pieces of information that will help readers to understand the premise of the simulation and also to understand the writing that takes place, from mission-specific information relating to the overall storyline arc of the simulation to different areas of the simulation that will make it easier to go through and know where the simulation is up to. We welcome you to have a look through our database. The information found on this database been used from a number of sources and is reproduced under creative commons license. We have also added a credit to all pages where information has been used. We do wish to thank those fine writers and creators who have assisted in providing all other writers in the Star Trek RPG community with these materials. We encourage you to look at their work and if you use their work, please credit them correctly on your website and/or work (please do not credit us, unless the page has no credit, in which case please credit our website).

Please check out our fleet's website at https://www.22ndfleet.com/ and also the fleet database for further information and more details about our simulation. This database is managed by the command team of the USS Excalibur. If you have any issues, or if there is a piece of your work that has not been credited to you, then please contact us on our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/9Jdvm6V and we will be happy to chat with you.

Important Simulation Links

Important Documents

Important 22nd Fleet Links

Mission Briefings
Frequently Asked Questions
22nd Fleet Website
Posting Format/Style
New Players Welcome Pack
22nd Fleet Infobase
Ship Departments
USS Excalibur Discord Server
22nd Fleet Charter
Ship Specifications
22nd Fleet By-Laws
Deck Listing
22nd Fleet Leadership Group
Player Awards
22nd Fleet Discord Server
Sim Policies
Sim Statistics



22nd Fleet - Star Trek Divison
Shuttle Naming Conventions
Security Codes
Stardate Calculator
Attack Manoeuvers
Hand Phasers
Command Protocols
Type 6 Shuttlcraft
Phaser Settings
Prime Directive
Type 8 Shuttlcraft
L.I.S.P. - Lessons in Superior Posting
Type 9 Shuttlcraft
50 Things...
Type 11 Shuttlcraft
PNPC User Guide
Argo Class Runabout
Name Generator
Delta Flyer
Mission Days
Volga Class Runabout
Playable Species
Danube Class Runabout
Warp Calculator
(use TNG version)
Omega Directive
(Level 10 Eyes Only)



Photon Torpedos
Deck Listing
Ship Specifications
Tricolbat Torpedos
Ship Tour
Voyager Technology
Quantumn Torpedos
Spore Drive
Multi-Layered Shielding System
Technobabble Generator



Fleet Map (Alpha & Beta Quadrants)
Federation Astrometrics
Romulan Star Empire
Alpha Quadrant
Klingon Empire
Beta Quadrant
Gorn Hegemony
Star System Generator
Borg Collective
Planet Generator
Breen Cofederacy
Ferengi Alliance
Tholian Assembly
Cardassian Union

Valkyrie Class Fighters