USS Excalibur

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The First Arrival

Posted on Wed Jul 31, 2019 @ 8:55am by Admiral (Ret) Bradley J. Harrison [PNPC - Richardson] & Captain Anthony Richardson
Edited on on Wed Jul 31, 2019 @ 8:55am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Starbase 11, Deck 133, Docking Ports
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 2120

“Sir, Starbase 11 in visual range”

“Alright, contact the base commander and let them know we will be docking with them shortly. How long until we arrive there?” Asked Anthony. He already knew they were around 20 minutes behind schedule, but the three hours they needed would not be compromised.

“5 minutes sir, we have docking permission to docking bay 6. They have everything ready to go and should take two hours and then an extra hour for the engineering checks, we have the final systems check-up ready for your approval”

“Great to hear, send it to my ready room and contact Admiral Harrison as well, he will need to be updated”

A few moments later; “Sir, Admiral Harrison on sub-space, sending it to your ready room”

Anthony made his way to his ready room, as he walked around to his chair, he tapped the buttons to allow the terminal to open up the channel to the Admiral. By the time he was seated, Admiral Harrison had appeared on the screen

“Admiral, update that we have arrived at Starbase 11 and will be shortly begin the transfer of the personnel and colonists to the base for their journey back to Earth”

“Great to hear, Captain. Is everything on schedule?” asked Bradley.

“Of course, we did add an hour to our wait time at Starbase 11, I wanted to give the warp core and engineering section a bit of downtime and a check-up, we have spent a lot of time in the last few days at high warp, and I just want to make sure she has handled the time effectively” responded Anthony

“Have you heard anything from Tania Borealis?”

“No, sir. Last update was about two hours after we left, still nothing from the away team in their search for the base security team and Commander Emerson, and all looked to be going alright with the medical teams”

“Sounds like everything is going well, you have it well under control. Keep me updated, Command out”

Anthony got up and headed back to the bridge, as he stepped out, he got straight away alerted to what was going on; “Sir, we have docking permission with Starbase 11. Everything going well, we have been advised that there is a small rotation of Excalibur crew waiting at Starbase 11 for boarding. We will need the computer terminal linked with Starbase 11 for personnel transfers for about 25 minutes, if you are fine with that”

“Sure thing, allocate 30 minutes, just to make sure. We have three hours here. I’ll need Lieutenant Deletraz to coordinate the transfer of personnel and cargo to the base from the planet, she will be in charge. Nobody should not be doing something, at least, everyone should give their time, you can have free time once we head back to the planet for the rest of our crew”

“Sure thing, Sir”

“I’ll be over on the base having a chat with the base commander and sorting out the final transfer of any personnel who are meant to be leaving, there were a few I need to sort out with Starfleet as they were under their rotation quota. Shouldn’t be too difficult” smiled Anthony, as he headed off to the airlock to make his way to the base.


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