USS Excalibur

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The Way Out

Posted on Mon Jul 8, 2019 @ 5:36pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Tania Borealis, Western Continent, Abandoned Settlement
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1230

Anthony started reading through the update reports that were coming in, he still had not seen a single thing about the away team, he was well aware of what could have happened, he had placed a security team on standby and was alerting the nearby base of their possible marine incursion should something happen. At least he was hoping for some good news coming soon.

[Planet Surface]

The five men sat at the makeshift table that was in the room, eating the meal that had been provided to them. Still their captures, the Klingons, were being as hospitable as possible. Something had to be strange, why were they being so nice. It had to be a plan. Behind the door, the klingons were having a conversation about something, it was in Klingon, none of them could figure out what they were talking about. Hopefully it wasn’t a plan to kill them.

“Sir, it’s been two days, what is going on with them?” asked one of the security team.

“I don’t know, Ensign. The more we stick together, support one another, the better we will be. You feeling alright?” asked Commander Emerson. He was trying to keep a brave face on for the team, but on the inside, he was as worried as the rest of them. He was more concerned with his fiancé back at the command center, and how she was reacting to all of this.

“I’m OK, Sir. Just worried” was his response.

[USS Excalibur - Captain’s Ready Room]

Anthony kept reading through the reports, many engineering projects were well on their way, infrastructure was coming along and many facilities were being rebuilt and fixed to resemble something that was liveable. Houses and other projects were coming along, there was still many little pockets of people who were uneasy with wanting to stay and they were getting all the assistance they needed to pack up what they could salvage and be transported to the ship and shuttles in readiness for departure in a few days.

Anthony had arranged for the Excalibur to head to Outpost Curtiss in two days with this who wanted to relocate back to Earth, a few other ships had begun arriving to being the ferrying process, he just needed to figure out who was going to stay on the surface. He already had plans to keep Commander Murphy on the surface and take the ship back himself with a skeleton crew, but it was just the timing. Everything was about timing.

[Planet Surface]

As they finished the food that they were given, the five men all wondered what was going to happen. They had this feeling that it could happen at any moment, what “it” actually was, they didn’t know. It was almost like a game of watch and see, a game of cat and mouse, but without the chase. It was silent in the room, all except for one sound.

Drip… Drip… Drip…

“Do you hear that?” spoke Commander Emerson, a quiet hush came over him, he didn’t want to alert the Klingons to it.

Drip… Drip… Drip…

“I do, Commander” responded one of the others, as they started moving towards a corner of the room. Then it was there, a steady drip of water, and as they traced it, it came from a corner of the ceiling. As Commander Emerson ran his hand up the wall, following the water droplets, he felt the ceiling. A panel wiggled a little bit. It was loose.

“That boys… is our way out”


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