USS Excalibur

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Posted on Mon Jul 8, 2019 @ 5:06am by Lieutenant JG Sarok
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Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Runabout River Plate, Enroute to USS Excalibur
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1715

Michael strectched in his chair, before he checked the position of the ship. Just two more minutes and they would finally arrive at the Excalibur's position. The journey had been longer than expected. He looked over to his daughter, who was still sleeping in the co-pilot's chair.

"Lina? Lina!", he said softly as he didn't want to wake her up too abruptly. She groaned and opened her eyes.

"Are we there?", she said rubbing her eyes.

Only 1 minute until we drop out of warp.", Micharl said checking the position again. He felt a bit nervous as he was about to arrive at his new working place as well as his new home. He just hoped he would like it - and even more important, his daughter would like it here and find new friends.

"Okay, let's drop out of warp. We're here,", he said and pressed the button on the navigational control of the runabout.

The stars which had been mere lines of light passing by slowly turned into shining spots again and the front window showed a planet as well as the majestic Ascencion class ship orbiting the planet.

"Wow," Lina said her eyes wide open with amazement. "I didn't expect it to be sooo big."

Michael smileed and nodded. Of course he knew the stats about that ship class, but it was always different when you actually saw it in reality; "Yes, she's huge, isn't she?"

His daughter just nodded and kept staring at the ship.

"Alright, time to say hello," the Starfleet engineer said and opened a channel to the Excalibur; "This is the Federation runabout River Plate, Ensign Michael Sorensen, requesting permission to land."

The face of a young flight officer appeared on the screen. "Premission granted, River Plate. We will bring you in via guide beam, so you can lean back and relax. And welcome to the Excalibur."

"Thanks," he and his daughter said simultaneously, then looked at each other and smiled. Then Michael closed the channel and waited for the guide beam to take over control of the runabout. He leaned back.

"That's nice," he said folding his arms.

"I wonder how big our quarters will be. I mean, if the ship is so huge, they should have huge quarters, too, don't you think?" Lina asked still looking at the Excalibur.

"Well, they will certainly be bigger than the one we had on the space station. The station has more space but now we have a senior officer's quarters.", Michael said, then looked at his daughter. "Why don't you just fetch your bags. We will be there in just a minute and I guess, we won't have that much time to get settled."

As Lina had gotten up to fetch the bags, Michael took a deep breath. He had seen the initial reports on the situation on the planet. This would not be nice. There would be not time to accustom on the new ship. He would have to get to work right away. So as as soon as his daughter was in their new quarters, he would go to work and try to help the people down on the planet.


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