USS Excalibur

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The New “Big” Boss, Part One

Posted on Mon Jun 24, 2019 @ 9:28am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Admiral (Ret) Bradley J. Harrison [PNPC - Richardson]

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0950

Anthony had gone back to the ship with Lisa, she headed down to the guest quarters to have some time to freshen up, Anthony had gone back to his ready room to brief the Task Force Command about what was going on, he had spent the last hour or so going around the main city center and surveying the damage that the earthquakes. He had a lot of information to hand back and as he took his seat, he wondered where he would begin, He devised an order to the information and waited for the connection

[Starbase Bravo - Admiral Harrison’s Office]

Bradley, recently brought back into the fold, back as an Admiral, leading Task Force 93, still had not settled into his new office, it was still all just a little bit surreal. He was enjoying retirement, he loved retirement. It has been at least seven months without putting on a uniform and it was a knock on the door that brought him back in. He took the time at Starfleet Command to get himself back into the fold, be briefed on what he needed to know, and simply then, get his backside to Starbase Bravo. The new headquarters, with everything that had just happened in the Task Force, they needed a new and fresh start. Starbase Bravo gave them that, it gave the Fourth Fleet a new start in the region.

Bradley was coming in with very little to go by, he still had not had a chance to review the other ships that would be located in the Task Force, but whatever happened, he was ready for it all. He had done this before when he was on Deep Space 7 and the Inconnu Expanse, he could do it all again. He relished in these moments. That was why he was back.

He had gotten word from the outer office that someone was contacting the base; “Sir, it’s Captain Anthony Richardson, USS Excalibur Commanding Officer” said the voice from outside, his assistant,

“Thanks Kelly, patch it right through, good chance to meet one of the Commanding Officers, tick that one off the list” he replied.

As the com link was transferred through, Bradley took a seat, he took a sip of his coffee, the only thing that had kept him awake the last day or so, sleep wasn’t an issue, it was just getting back into the Starfleet routine.

Up on the screen appeared Captain Richardson.

[USS Excalibur - Captain’s Ready Room]

Antony looked at the image that appeared before him, it wasn’t Vice Admiral Banda, this was someone else. Someone new, he had never seen this person. Was his yeoman getting sloppy?

“Captain Richardson, who are you?” He asked

“Admiral Bradley J. Harrison, at your service. I’m taking over from Vice Admiral Banda, long story there. I’m your new Task Force Commanding Officer”

“Well, then. I guess it is all for me to catch you up with what has been going on” replied Anthony, still a little apprehensive

“I know you were pulled off your last mission to head to Tania Borealis for some humanitarian work, a set of earthquakes. I have seen intelligence reports that the Klingons may want to use the moment to take back the planet, it was previously under their control, many moons ago” as Bradley passed something off screen; “I’m forwarding that report to you now”

“Thanks, at the moment, we haven’t had any reports of them arriving on the planet, or in orbit but we will keep an eye out and report if we need to, Admiral” what Anthony didn’t know was that they were already here.


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