USS Excalibur

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Planet Side

Posted on Tue Jun 11, 2019 @ 4:16am by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae
Edited on on Fri Jun 14, 2019 @ 1:21pm

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Tania Borealis, Central City, Parkland
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0730

The air smelt of brunt plastic and when the breeze picked up Cassandra caught a fleeting scent of salt sea air. For a moment she wished she had come down on one of the shuttles, it would have given her a better view of the over all damage to the colony’s central city. Right now as the CMO lifted her gaze above the foliage of the artfully designed parkland she saw scattered plumes of smoke drifting west on the breeze, trailing up from amongst the low lying city scape. The fires she assumed had been secondary to the quakes. Dampened and smouldering but not fully out and from this distance any structural damage to the buildings was near impossible to make out.

“Dr Rae, it this way.” Dr Edward Venice broke her concentration as he drew her attention to the three large Starfleet standard emergency temporary structures behind them, busy with colonists both civilian and fleet coming and going. With a last look at the stricken city surrounding them Cassandra turned and followed her junior Doctor. The small group of nursing staff from the Excalibur, including their senior nurse; chief petty officer Jardin walked quickly beside them. “Someone contact our science department, l wouldn’t mind a reading on air quality.” Cassandra asked of her team as two humans in Starfleet medical uniforms appeared from the middle of the three temporary structures and headed on an intercept course to meet them halfway.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, ensign!” The dark-haired lieutenant looked over her team with a fading enthusiasm. “Is this it, is this all your CMO can spare?”

“Petty officer Jardin,” Cassandra said pleasantly, her gaze steady on the taller male lieutenant, “Remind me when we get back to the Excalibur to get a badge made up saying Chief Medical Officer.”

“Superb idea Doctor, it will negate all this nonsense.” Her chief nurse approved with a pointed disapproving frown at the lieutenant.

“My thoughts exactly.” Cassandra replied dryly, her gaze still on the lieutenant.

“I. We –“ The lieutenant genuinely baffled.

Cassandra cut him off with an irritated wave of one hand. “A sit- rep is normal around about now lieutenant.”

“Forgive Marcus, we’ve not slept since the first quake hit,” The other lieutenant interjected smoothly. Come on,” The lieutenant; the older and taller of the two young officers directed her team to the middle temporary structure, “Moore said to expect you, he should be here in a few minutes or so.”

Cassandra frowned, “David Moore? I spoke to ..ah, actually I don’t know who I spoke to but he said Dr David Moore died when the medical centre collapsed, isn’t that correct?”

The two lieutenants glanced at each other, “His son, David Moore. It’s confusing we know. There are… were two; Lieutenant commander Dr David Moore CMO. And Dr David Moore, retired. Father and son.”

“Ah.” Cassandra winced, that explained the transmission, he must have been the senior David Moore, grieving the very recent loss of his son. Cassandra kept her mouth shut but eyes open. Her team were hustled into a conference space, a long oval table with as many chairs as you could get crammed around it. There was a map of the city, casualty lists, current search and rescue teams’ locations. The Excalibur CMO was eager to get stuck straight into help, but it appeared they were to be updated by the father of the CMO. That worried Cassandra, it worried her a lot. Where the hell was the rest of the colony’s senior medical staff?


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