USS Excalibur

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The Trap Is Set

Posted on Fri Jun 7, 2019 @ 6:15am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Tania Borealis, Western Continent, Abandoned Settlement
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0720

The five men sat in a dark room, well, it looked like a room. They couldn’t be sure, they hadn’t even anything from the moment they were taken while on their way to the remote outpost that requested their assistance. They had heard voices, but they weren’t human. They were Klingon. It was an old-fashioned kidnapping, which just made it stranger. Why would the Klingons go through this sort of thing, they just would have not done this.

Something seemed weird…

They were in the dark space on their own, the five of them. Commander Emerson and his security detail. The five of them had done what they were told, their commbadges had been destroyed, but they were surprisingly being treated well. This wasn't an ordinary kidnapping in any way.

As the five of them sat there, they wondered if anybody was actually outside. There was a small window of sorts based within the door, it was higher than they were, so it wasn't possible to reach it, but they at least had some light into room. One of the five finally spoke; “What is going on Commander?”

“I barely know myself, Sergeant. Is anybody hurt?” Asked Commander Emerson.

Few nods came around, it looked very much like they were being treated well. It just seemed strange.

Outside of the room, a few Klingon officers were standing guard, they had done what they were told. The house leader was very clear, the five of them were not to be harmed at all. They were to be cared for, this was not to extract something, it was more to get someone to react….

That person was Captain Richardson.

The village, in the western part of the planet had been totally destroyed in the earthquake, nothing was left. All the rebels who controlled the village were dead, the villagers had fled years ago, it was just too perfect. The only thing that was let was the structure of one building and in the few years before, it was built underground. Almost like a command center for the Klingons, they had taken part of the planet and nobody knew.


Anthony was enjoying reading through the history of the outpost, of the colony, of everything. The creation of the outpost was something he found quite interesting, and then it hit him. Something that was just not right. He noticed something that just looked out of place.

“What is this?” he questioned to himself.

“This puts a whole new meaning to this assignment”

[Current Time]

It was the intelligence reports, that the Klingons had to have known about, that was what concerned this group, they knew it would only be a matter of time until Starfleet came snooping around. They needed a decoy. The earthquake gave them that, the aftershocks were just too perfect. Nobody had surveyed this area in at least two years, it all just worked out.

Lure a high ranking officer, get their attention and then spring out the one thing that would turn the tide. That one thing was none other than Edward, House of Si'Tac.

Captain Richardson would know him better as Commander Edward Dion.


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