USS Excalibur

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Wishful Thinking

Posted on Thu Jun 6, 2019 @ 3:02am by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae
Edited on on Fri Jun 7, 2019 @ 10:14am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 3, Rae's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0500

Cassandra’s body clock woke her at 0500hrs. She had no idea why, it just did. A lie in was a luxury and if she was lucky that would last till 0700hrs. Today she knew the reason. Today the USS Excalibur would reach Tania Borealis. They would begin helping the colonist to recover from the disastrous seismic events that had she feared severely damaged the colony and potential caused mass casualties.

The computer confirmed it was a little after 0500hrs in the morning as it increased the light level by 50%. Letting Cassandra’s eyes adjust as she rolled out of bed. It would be by her calculations just over 30hrs since Tania Borealis tectonic plates had shifted so violently the colony had seen no option but to issue a distress call. In the back of her mind as Cassandra slipped out of her nightwear and into her Tai chi garb there was this little niggling thought that the Klingons just might answer that distress call first, beating the USS Excalibur to the punch. But really, what kind of aid could the Klingons offer that wasn’t at the business end of a bat’leth?

The young doctors’ thoughts were a jumbled mass of what if’s, buts and maybes. She could feel the tight coil of worry sour her stomach as she took the first position of her morning routine. Slowly with breath and gentle flowing movements Cassandra felt herself relax and her mind calm. This particular Tai Chi routine she had singled out was for her the most effective in calming her mind; meditation in motion as her energy flowed cleared and transformed, setting her up for what was going to be long day.

Routine done, showered, dressed and sitting at her desk in main medical at 0600hrs, Cassandra stirred her first heavy coffee of the day, her full attention on her computer screen as she double checked her department had everything up to speed. Medical was ready for whatever was going to face them. The XO had kept his word and secondary sick bay was behaving itself, for the moment at least. The emergency medical hologram was also up and running. By the looks of things, it had taken engineering into the wee small hours of the morning to install the missing omnidirectional holographic diodes.

Cassandra had experience of disaster medical management under her belt. This would not be her first show. It would the first time that it was Her department and Her people on the ground. It was so much easier when it was someone else’s job to manage the situation and all she had to do was turn up and get the job done, not worry about the minutia of the situation.

The morning medical huddle would take place at 0700hrs this morning. This would give her the opportunity to ensure that her people were ready mentally, especially those that were still wet behind the ears graduates. Cassandra just hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as she feared. That the medical centres on Tania Borealis had not taken too much damage that the injured were being treated without delay. That would be the best scenario to walk into, Cassandra wasn’t above a little wishful thinking.


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