USS Excalibur

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And Off We Go

Posted on Wed May 22, 2019 @ 3:23pm by Ensign Geran Demar
Edited on on Mon May 27, 2019 @ 10:39am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Starbase 2, Deck 13, Recreation Deck
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1300

Geran gazed out the large window in the secondary crew lounge of the large, old, Regula class starbase. The trip from Earth had been a short one and he wasn't quite sure where his end destination was but he was just happy to be off Earth after 2 months of rehab. After many years of being planet bound on his last assignment the thought of returning to space was slightly thrilling; he just wished he knew where in space he was going. He never really unpacked his belongings during his time at Starfleet Medical so everything was easy to move at a moments notice, though he wasn't quite sure where his belongings were.

Geran let out a small huff; he didn't know a whole lot right now, did he? Starfleet was great at many things, communication was not one of them sometimes.

"Ensign?" Geran turned and saw a young Petty Officer holding a PADD. "I have orders for you from Starfleet Command."

Geran gave the women a kind smile and took the PADD. "Thank you, I've been eagerly waiting for this."

"I'm sure." Replied the women. "The USS Hestia is departing in 3 hours and you are to be on the ship. The ship has been configured with a Quantum Slipstream Drive and will take you most of the way to your new ship. You'll then take an Arrow Class runabout until you catch up. If you have any questions Commodore Basmanoff will be able to answer them."

"Thank you Petty Officer. I'll make my way to the Hestia in short order ."

"Aye sir, good journeys" She said before turning around and walking away.

Geran started scrolling though the PADD, a tingle of excitement running though him. He quickly scrolled past most of the formal transfer text until he got to the part he was really looking for.


He had expected a somewhat good assignment, but he hadn't expected this. Department head of a newer, advanced ship class? Definitely wasn't expected.

With a grunt Geran picked up his duffel bag and made he way to the docking bay. He'd have some time to relax on the Sovereign Class USS Hestia before he had to jump onto the runabout and he was eager to have some time to himself before his next adventure kicked into high hear.

[6 Hours Later]

The Arrow Class runabout T'Keth barreled towards the Excalibur after it's quick departure from the Hestia. Geran tapped though the PADD in his hand, going over what little information he had been given on the Excalibur's assignment. He had expected to have more time to get antiquated with his new ship and assignment but between the speed of the new Quantum Slipstream Drives making their way onto ships combined with Starfleets seeming urge to get him to his new assignment ASAP he didn't have much time for anything.

It seemed like the Excalibur was on a aid assignment to a colony that had suffered a rather bad earthquake. Nothing that seemed overly exciting but that was a plus to Geran; nothing better than a run of the mill mission to get settled in.

"Hold on Ensign. It'll get a little bumpy as we align our warp field with Excalibur."

The Runabout shuddered as it came alongside the Ascension Class ship. He wanted to admire the sleek lines of the ship but sadly there was little time. He grabbed his bag and stepped over to the small pad.

"T'Keth to Excalibur, we have one to transport. Warp speed matched and our transporter systems are showing linked and good to go." Said the lieutenant at the controls.

"Acknowledged T'Keth. Standby."

The cabin was silent before the same voice came over the speakers. "We're good to go here. Energizing."

The world around him turned into a blue fuzz as he was whisked away. A new adventure awaited.


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