USS Excalibur

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Just In Case

Posted on Sun May 5, 2019 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae
Edited on on Tue May 7, 2019 @ 10:17am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 42, Cargo Bay 3
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1500

“We can have this lot cleared away and the temporary cots in place by..” Cassandra watched as the chief warrant officer’s long fingers flew over her PADD, a tiny frown of concentration drawing her brows together, “Let say 2200hrs this evening. That work for you?”

The Chief Medical Officer let her gaze wander over the cavernous space that was Cargo bay 3. At the moment it was three quarters full of sealed containers of goodness knows what, but in her mind she had cleared them away already and imagined It’s brightly lit expanse. In her mind’s eye it was impressive and really ideal for what she was forward planning for. “Perfect, thank you.”

“Anything else you’ll be needing while we’re at it Doctor?”

It was Cassandra’s turn to frown. “Honestly, not at the moment. Considering we don’t really know what the situation on the ground is going to be... I’m hoping that we are not going to need this space. I want to avoid bringing the walking wounded on board, its pointless. However, I want this space ready to go if need be. If we are dealing with refugees then the plan would be to bring in young families, nursing mothers and the gestational.”

The warrant officer nodded, again fingers flying over her PADD. “I’m making adjustments to the replicator order. I’m adding in emergency family packs, paediatric supplies,” She glanced up at the CMO and smiled, “also a bundle of toys for the kids to keep them occupied and not running wild.”

“If we could have the cots with the adjustable backs and extra pillows as well?” Cassandra asked.

The Warrant officer nodded, making the necessary corrections on her ever ready PADD. “That it?”

“I think so,” Cassandra replied, her eyes on the cargo bay, thinking through the requirements for making this a temporary shelter for the most vulnerable of the Tania Borealis colonists. The Chief Medical Officer was hoping that this was not going to be required and that temporary emergency shelters could be constructed on safe zones on the planet surface. Surely there would be habitable areas where the seismic event had not affected? That would be the best option in her mind. If a blood wine fuelled Klingon Captain were to take on the Excalibur this wouldn’t be an ideal safe space for those most vulnerable and in need.

“Right, I’ll contact you once this is done,” The warrant officer tucked her PADD under one arm. “But as I said we’re looking at 2200hrs.”

“That’s absolutely fine, thank you.” Cassandra assured with a grateful smile.

The warrant officer turned and paused before realising that the CMO was not intent on following her out. With a shrug the young women left cargo bay 3 at speed, there was a lot to do and time was tight already.

Cassandra stood for a moment and deeply inhaled, closing her eyes. The Cargo bay was silent. She could hear her breathing. Feel her heartbeat. At the emergency warp speed the Excalibur was maintaining she could feel the thrum of the engines through her booted feet. For a freighter brat it was possibly one of the most comforting sensations there was. The CMO opened her eyes, a small sad smile payed across her face and then was gone. Standing in this brightly lit cargo bay brought with it no terror or rising anxiety. Only an awareness of her memories of darkness, terror and blood. With a final look around her and with a satisfied nod the Chief Medical Officer strode out of the cargo bay and onto the next issue requiring her attention.


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