USS Excalibur

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A Second Thought

Posted on Fri May 3, 2019 @ 12:51pm by Lieutenant JG Thomas Dion [pNPC - Richardson]

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 27, Main Brig
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1145

Thomas sat in his new “office”, well it wasn’t so much an office, but more a central area in the brig where the on-duty Officer sat and watched any prisoners that were held in the cells. It was lucky enough that today, it was empty. All of the cells were empty. It meant nobody had done anything wrong, and things looked good. Thomas was able to get some reading done. He only had a few hours here and then he was off to security briefings and had also planned to get in an hour of phaser training during his shift, that was one thing the Acting Chief Of Security liked, when personnel had detailed plans of their assignments and duty roster.

Thomas enjoyed the time to himself, it gave him time to think. It gave him time to just contemplate the world and his life, but the one thing that really wasn’t sitting well with him was his assignment, he was here on Excalibur, and now hearing that they were on their way to a planet that was somewhat close to Klingon territory, was this just fate playing a cruel game, or was something going to be playing out here that might bring closure to Thomas and his family.

[5 Years Ago]
[USS Sacramento]

The bridge was quiet, not a single word has been said since Edward had gone. They saw the shuttle leave, he was taking his life at their hands, they knew they may not see him again. It was only as the shuttle got nearer to the Klingon vessel that someone spoke up; “Can we get any lifesigns on Eddie?” the voice was that of Captain Plains-Clarke.

“I have the shuttle on sensors, everything looks normal, trying to tap into the biometrics” came another voice.

Moments later, on Captain Plains-Clarke’s terminal, a biometric scan appeared. It had to be Edward. “Got it here, keep it to my terminal, please” he asked

A few buttons were pressed, it locked the scan to the one terminal.

[Klingon Vessel]

Edward got closer to the ship, and then SNAP! a tractor beam picked him up and took control, he was heading in, if he could negotiate this, maybe, just maybe, the Sacramento would survive, he saw his last glimpse of the other vessel aimed right at the Sacramento.

A few minutes later, Edward stepped out of his shuttle and was presented with five large Klingon officers standing around him. They were ready at a moments notice to end him. Edward, for only the second time in his career, was scared, he tried his best not to show it.

He had gotten the boarding party to stand down, that was two hours ago. He had one win, was he going to get a second, only time would tell. He spoke for the first time.

“I am Commander Edward Dion, Executive Officer of the Federation ship Sacramento, we mean no harm to the Klingon empire, or to you. I speak for my ship, my crew and for my family”

He hoped honour would help him here.

“I see no reason not to kill you here, this region is ours. We control it. This is not Federation space, you have violated our sovereignty”

“We did not mean any dishonour, a simple mistake. Allow my ship to leave without any retribution and…” Edward couldn’t finish that sentence. He knew he was putting himself in a bind, but it may need to happen.

“Take him to the brig, lock him away. I want that ship…” Edward didn’t hear the last part of that sentence, he was knocked out cold.

[Present Day]
[Gy’Tog - Klingon Empire]

“It’s our time, we stand here, our place is to lead the Klingon empire. You do not. Our honour will stand forever” said a Klingon, standing behind him was another six or so more Klingon officers.

“I accept your challenge, a fight to the death” said the opposite Klingon. It was then the Klingons all standing in a row stood aside, as one man walked in front.

“Our challenger. Edward, House of Si'Tac”


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