USS Excalibur

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New Orders

Posted on Mon Apr 29, 2019 @ 9:39am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Commander Ryan Murphy & Lieutenant Leticia Sanchez & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Main Conference Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1130

Anthony had asked for a briefing of the senior staff in an hours’ time, that was almost 45 minutes ago, he had spent the whole time in the briefing room, or the Main Conference Room as it was officially known by on the deck listing he looked at. That was going to change at some point. He didn’t need to worry about that right now.

What he had to worry about was their new mission orders, it was still quite strange to be leaving their current assignment, but orders were orders and frankly; Anthony was not in a position to disobey those orders. They were from the top, from Vice Admiral Banda. Not a surprise that inside a few minutes, orders were already sent out, they were already in motion.

Letty arrived about 10 minutes before the start and saw the Captain already in the room.

"Sir," Letty nodded as she took a seat in the middle of the table.

The new Executive Officer was also a fan of arriving early as well, arriving roughly the same time as the female officer. He than stepped inside and took a seat.

Letty eyed the new LCDR. She figured he must be the new XO considering the red uniform and rank.

A few minutes later Cassandra strode into the Main conference room with a general sunny, “Good morning.” before sliding into one of the chairs around the table and taking a cleansing breath. Running her hands over her thighs to smooth out her uniform the CMO was privately really impressed that she made it to the meeting with time to spare.

"Morning," Letty replied.

“Alright, sit down. I see a few new people, so I’ll get to introductions after the fact. We need to crack on with this briefing. I need to report that with immediate effect, we are withdrawing from the area and heading to Tania Borealis, a journey that will be done in 30 hours, we are going to have to spend at least 20 of that at emergency warp speed. We are heading down there to help with a major recovery and rebuilding operation, it seems the planet suffered a major earthquake there about 12 hours ago, and they need all the help they can get.”

Letty was a bit surprised and shocked.

"We're being recalled off the FRM patrol for HADR?" Letty asked, referring to Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief.

"Yes, Lieutenant. Nothing I can do, orders stand. We'll need to transfer all intelligence over to Outpost Curtiss and make our way with immediate effect" replied Anthony.

There wasn't any intelligence to transfer over because they hadn't even done anything yet, Letty thought. She kept her tongue silent though. She didn't need to make waves. Not at another new command. She thought it was BS though.

"Roger that, sir," Letty replied.

The Lieutenant Commander listened carefully to both the directives of the Captain as well as the other statements. The change of mission surprised him slightly, but he kept that internal and simply nodded to what the Captain said. He knew these types of assignments ended up being entirely different than what they were expecting.

“Medical will be ready, Sir,” Cassandra said confidently. “We’ll offer as much medical aid as required.” Which doing the math Cassandra knew would tax her people to their limits, but they weren’t in the job to sit around and play cards all day.

"That's good, and before I forget, please welcome Ensign Cassandra Rae to our staff, our new Chief Medical Officer. If you need to, Ensign. Take control of one of the cargo bays if you need extra space, beyond whatever you have down there on this ship. She's still new to most of us, so still exploring what we actually have," smiled Anthony.

Cassandra resisted giving the rest of the senior staff a little wave, instead, she smiled, although slightly annoyed at herself as she felt her cheeks color at the Captains introduction, “Thank you, Captain, I’ll look into a temporary set up in a cargo bay. I plan on taking only the most serious causalities on board while supporting the medical team's planetside.”

"I'm happy with that idea, we will have an engineering team that is already en route that will meet us there to assist, Lieutenant Sanchez, you'll be needed to help out the security teams with any outstanding investigations that they have underway, the resources they have on the ground are all being used to try and restore law and order, work with those forces and with Ensign Masters, when he arrives," Anthony was concerned that his Chief of Security had not arrived, the meeting had been going for some time now.

Letty raised an eyebrow. What sort of investigations couldn't wait for the security teams to complete their duties with restoring law and order? Again, she didn't want to make waves. She liked this ship and having her own department again. It fit.

"Aye, sir," Letty acknowledged.

The Executive Officer listened to the conversation, he let Lieutenant Sanchez finished, once she finished, the focus shifted to the Captain and he replied with "Will I be assisting planetside or remaining onboard Sir?"

"Everyone will be assisting, but I'm sure we can ensure one of us stays onboard at all times. We should have no issues, but we do need to be wary of the Klingons, we will only be around 20 light years from their border and they may try something, maybe they will, maybe they won't but we do still need to be wary of them. I think we are all ready to go, still have to ensure that other departments where we don't have leaders that they are aware of what is going on and aware of the plans that we have for them. I guess it's time to get ready to go, so let's get going" smiled Anthony


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