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First Sight

Posted on Thu Apr 11, 2019 @ 2:56pm by Lieutenant JG Thomas Dion [pNPC - Richardson]

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 20, Main Access Port
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1840

Thomas had never thought that the day would actually happen, where he would meet the one person who been part of his father’s life for so long, he knew that they had kept in touch, but as to what happened after that fateful day, he never knew. His mother always said that it was too painful for some to fully know what had happened, but the family knew. What had really happened…

He took his bag and made his way into the airlock, finally coming through a few moments later to the USS Excalibur, his new home. Being where he was in his career, it made sense for a change of scenery. He was taking the change to lead a team for the first time, not just be a part of one. He had the chance to make a difference, to mould the team the way he saw it. His position wasn’t glamorous, but it was what he was doing, he loved working in security teams.

Maybe this was his big chance, a chance to make a name for himself, not just the guy who lost his father, a father who sacrificed himself to save an entire ship. He wanted to be known as Thomas, his own man.

Being on the Excalibur, he hoped that it would give him that chance. Eventually, people would find out, but for the time being, it was just how he wanted it. He looked down the corridors, a lot of people were doing things, he tapped a couple of panels, and eventually found the schematics, it had a dot as to where he was. Tracing a path to where he needed to go, he was now set. The Quartermaster was the first port of call, then to see the Commanding Officer.

As he got into the turbolift, it already had one other person in it, a young female Ensign, wearing teal. She must have been in the science department, or maybe she was a Nurse. Either way, Thomas spoke up; “Are you new to the ship to?” he asked

“Yes, just finished the academy, first assignment. I’m working in the science department, I love discovering things and researching all different types of wonders” she smiled, it was nice that someone was making conversation.

“Let’s hope you don’t get put in the brig” came Thomas’ reply, trying to make a joke.

The young Ensign giggled, “I’m sure someone like you from the security department won’t want to do that”

“Stranger things have happened” he replied, as the turbolift stopped

“I guess this is my stop, I’m Abigail Lawson, Science Officer” as she stepped out and waited.

“Thomas, Thomas Dion, Brig Officer. I hope to see you around soon, Abigail” smiled Thomas, he might have been a bit smitten.

“I hope so too” Abigail smiled back, as the doors closed and the turbolift headed off again, but then stopped

“Oh, Quartermaster, please” and the turbolift headed off again.


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