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Getting A Feel For The Team

Posted on Wed Apr 10, 2019 @ 7:58am by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae
Edited on on Fri Apr 12, 2019 @ 3:52am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 13, Main Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0745

“Never thought in a million years I’d be on a fleet ship running dark, never.” Cassandra sighed into her first mug of coffee of the day, the heavy cream she liked to pour into it herself had cooled it somewhat, but it still pleasantly burned as she took her first sip.

“You’ve ran dark before?” Her senior nurse asked, curious but the majority of her attention on the overfull plate of morning pastries on the desk. Finally selecting a strawberry Danish with a satisfied smile before settling back in her chair.

“A lifetime ago,” Cassandra admitted but did not elaborate that it was as a kid. Taking another sip of coffee before reluctantly putting it to one side she studied the four that made up her senior team in front of her. They had agreed to a meeting in central medical this morning, mainly because there were in the heart of medical, shielded and protected from the hull, and frankly they had no patients, so this was as good a place as any to take the temperature of her new team. “Once we finish up here I want teams of first responders suited and booted; ready to go if required. Dr Venice, I want you to organise that one.”

Cassandra kept the frown off her face as the young man nearly jumped out his seat, He was months out of the medical academy, his confidence should be higher than that. “We’ll set for standard triage,” She continued, making a mental note to speak with the young doctor later, “Petty officer Jardin, I believe you're qualified to handle that?”

“Absolutely Dr Rae, I’ve ran more than my fair share over the years.” The nurse inclined her head, obviously not overly concerned by the prospect.

Dr Leman, looked at her in mild alarm, the effect slightly ruined by flakes of pastry at the side of his mouth, “You think there’s going to be trouble?”

Cassandra shrugged one shoulder, “I think being ready isn’t going to do us any harm.” Leman was a researcher, what he was doing on the Excalibur was anyone’s guess. Privately the CMO thought he had seriously upset someone at Starfleet medical to be kicked out of his research tower and given a field assignment.

“And what will you be doing while we’re all busy?” Dr Acklom had the skill set to be impressive enough to own that arrogance, so did Cassandra, she just didn’t have the ego to flaunt it.

Picking up her coffee mug Cassandra took a slurp, really just to annoy Acklom more than anything else. Leaning back in her chair she considering him with a hint of a sardonic smile, “You and I will be saving lives Dr Acklom, isn’t that what we do best?” Acklom knew she was a talented surgeon, It bothered him that he didn’t know how good. It bothered him more that it was obvious his CMO knew that.

Acklom glowered but held his tongue.

“Alright people,” Cassandra pushed herself out of the chair, taking her coffee with her. “Let’s get organised, keep it low key and quiet as possible, please. No unnecessary chatter, when I hear anything, I’ll let you know.”


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