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In The Nick Of Time

Posted on Tue Apr 9, 2019 @ 6:40pm by Lieutenant JG Thomas Dion [pNPC - Richardson]

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Providence Fleet Yards, Deck 133, Docking Bay 7
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1825

He had arrived at the last minute, just blame the bad shuttle pilot who took the wrong shuttle and had to head back to the ship and change over, that cost almost an hour of time. They would have arrived in time, but it wasn’t to be, but at least Thomas was now here and rushing his way through the deck to find the turbolift and get his way to Docking Port 7, he was reassigned and he would rather have not been late, give himself some time to sort his mess out and actually look presentable.

The young officer, recently promoted and now looking at his second rank pip, knew that this was his big break, and to be assigned to the Excalibur, it was almost like a dream come true. Some would say Thomas was mad, some would say he was crazy. Thomas just smiled, it was what he wanted. Thomas happened to be the son of Edward Dion.

Thomas had followed his father’s footsteps and joined Starfleet, but it was a long road for him. What people didn’t know was Thomas had taken seven years to get where he was, normally it took six. Four years in the academy, two years as an Ensign, it was a year longer for Thomas. Nobody really knew, but it had filtered through the academy classes, his father had been captured by Klingons, it was kept secret why it happened, but Thomas knew…

[5 Years Ago]

The ship looked down the barrel of the Klingon ship, just as another three arrived, flanked the main battlecruiser. The ship was out of options. They were surrounded, no chance to run, the moment they flinched, that was it. Everyone was gone. Everyone was just silent.

“Options, Commander?” asked the Captain, an older gentleman by the name of Stewart Plains-Clarke.

“Sir…” was all Edward said, he was still in a daze. How had their hiding spot been discovered. They were chasing a rouge Klingon ship, and then had to hide, they had hiding spots all throughout the mission, why had this one been discovered?

“We have to do something…” that sentence had more to it, but it was disrupted by the comm officer.

“Captain, I have the main Klingon ship hailing us, should I put it through?” she asked.

“Yes, put them through. Maybe we can deal ourselves out” was the response, as the view screen changed to an image of the bridge of the Klingon cruiser.

“SoH Dech, Duj chaq 'Iq jegh DaH chavmeymaj”

Captain Plains-Clarke knew what he had said; “We mean no harm, we were simply chasing a rouge ship that had stolen something and were trying to get it back and hand it back to its rightful owner”

“Excuses, you were hiding, you have trespassed into our region of space, we do not speak for the Klingon High Council” replied the Klingon officer, having now changed to English speaking; “Surrender now, and we might spare your ship at some point. It’s ours now”

“What about an exchange?” Edward spoke up; “Me for the safety of this crew?”

… there was silence. Would this work…

… more silence…

… it was getting tense on the bridge, everyone was stunned. Was Edward about to sacrifice himself?

“You have one hour, be ready for a boarding party. We will speak in twenty minutes with instructions” said the Klingon, and the view screen turned back to normal.

“Sherry, get my family, I need to see them, and get a commlink to the Academy, my son needs to know” was all Edward said as he headed to the turbolift. That was the last the majority of the crew would see of their Executive Officer, the last person to see him was Captain Plains-Clarke.


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