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45 Minutes...

Posted on Tue Apr 9, 2019 @ 2:32pm by Captain Anthony Richardson
Edited on on Sat Apr 13, 2019 @ 11:20am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0730

The ship was very close to the border, it was the one mark they needed. The Excalibur had to get out with little to no resistance. They were travelling through the one section that could cause the problems. Everything was turned off, all the lights, the ship had to drop down to impulse power, it was the only thing that scared Anthony with this trip. He knew that if the movement wanted to destroy them, this was the moment. They could use sensors, probes, scans to find them, and they would have nothing to respond with. Anthony knew it would take too long to get them back online and out of the danger area, if they attacked.

The sector was only a few light years but it was going to take them at least 45 minutes to get out of it, at full impulse. The Cavalry, as he had been told, in the last communication, had gotten through with no issues. They knew that a few bases were watching them, most notably Deep Space 14, the closes Federation base. Whether they were on alert was another thing.

What Anthony didn’t know was that Deep Space 14 wasn’t on alert. They couldn’t be, it would raise too many questions and red flags. They had to be unaware of this part of the voyage, they had to have deniability if something happened. It was the way Commodore Jackson wanted it, this whole thing had been planned out for the last two months, the change in ship class for the Excalibur wasn’t planned.

The virus was planned...

Anthony sat in his ready room, only a very small light was illuminating the room, the windows had been totally blacked out, he loved the old school methods that the engineering and operations teams had come up with, and some replicated black paint did the trick on some old school cardboard. It was simple, but it worked. They had sent a shuttle out before they entered this sector and checked, the whole ship just looked like it wasn’t there. It was stealth at its very best, well, as best as they could.

Anthony was just reading his book, he enjoyed reading in quiet moments. He had to have gotten it from his father. It was a passion of his, and since he couldn’t play a musical instrument, he had to resort to reading, the light illuminated the room just enough that he could read. Nobody was talking, most terminals had been taken offline, which allowed for a little bit of maintenance.

Reports were sitting on his desk, again, old school methods. The computer terminal in his ready room was offline, so reports had to be hand delivered. His yeoman, Sarah, had made it her duty during this time to be on the bridge. She didn’t want to be stuck somewhere else, since most, if not, all the turbolifts were also offline for some checks.

He checked the clock on his desk, Anthony enjoyed the old school moments, the clock showed 7:30, it was the early morning, he just hoped that the movement didn’t have a patrol at this time, or they weren’t searching for the ship. He just hoped and wondered what was going on. They needed to get out of the corridor, and then they could take it to the movement.


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