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By The Skin Of Her Teeth

Posted on Tue Apr 9, 2019 @ 6:23am by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae
Edited on on Tue Apr 9, 2019 @ 2:38pm

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Providence Fleet Yards, Deck 19, Main Medical Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1800

“How’re you getting on Cassandra?” Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, alumni and friend asked as he entered the sterile field to stand at her shoulder, watching with an appreciative eye as she restored order to the open abdomen.

“Repairing the sigmoid arterial vessels.” Cassandra updated; barely glancing up from the patient on the surgical table. The human male had been as near as being sliced in half as one could get while still breathing. A nasty accident with multiple causalities. Unusual as Providence Fleet yard had a stellar safety record, but that was not Cassandra’s concern. Michael had asked her to assist; it had never crossed her mind to decline.

“I’m clear now, I can take over.” Michael offered.

A slight shake of her head, perfectly shaped eyebrows pulled together in a frown, eyes still on the task at hand, “No, I’m happy to finish. I’ve pushed this kid to the limit. I just want to make sure he remains stable.” She sighed, a sound of concern, “I’m not overly happy with his erythropoiesis levels, his response to the stimulator is now sub optimal.”

“Doctor Rae, you wanted to know when the Excalibur was given clearance to leave?” A young nurse double checked, her wide green eyes and nodding head letting Cassandra know her new home was leaving the fleet yards.

Cassandra swore. The last thing she wanted to do was find the Excalibur leaving without her. Slapping the protoplasmer into the scrub nurses’ hand, she stepped back out of the Surgical sterile field and pulled off her mask and gloves, watching as Michael stepped in to her vacated space, smoothly take over where she left off. “Get the plasma infusion warmed up,” Cassandra advised, adding, ‘Let me know how this turns out.”

“Will do Cass”, Michael glanced over his shoulder, his warm brown eyes crinkling as he grinned behind his surgical mask, “Now run!”

“You still owe me a drink!” Cassandra called out as she ran out the surgical suite and paused, where the heck was, she going? “Nearest Transporter room?” She asked the Ensign heading towards her.

“Next lift, down two levels, come out and turn left, it’s your next right.”

“Thanks!” Cassandra called as she took off, discovering that running in surgical shoes two sizes too big for her was not the brightest idea. In the turbo lift she had time to kick them off and haul off the surgical protective gown, it left her bare footed in her scrubs but at least she could run. Dazzling the poor lieutenant sharing the turbo lift with her best apologetic grin, Cassandra shot out the lift, took the left corner too fast and blind, narrowly avoiding crashing to a two-star admiral who she shouted an apology to as she flew past.

Thankfully the transporter room was manned even this late in the evening. Cassandra had no idea what time it was, just that she was seriously late. “The Excalibur, before she jumps to warp!” Cassandra leapt on to one of the transporter pads and ran a hand through her damp sweaty hair, finishing four hours in surgery with a sprint probably had her looking like she had been dragged backwards through the stations Jefferies tubes. It didn’t matter she wouldn’t change a second of it.

“Aye Sir, Excalibur it is.” The transport chief shook is head in bemusement as he initiated transport of the grinning officer. “Where are they finding them these days?” He mused with a despairing shake of his head as his terminal acknowledged the safe arrival of the young human at her destination.


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