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Operational Changes

Posted on Fri Mar 8, 2019 @ 8:24am by Commodore Nathaniel "Nate" Jackson & Captain Anthony Richardson
Edited on on Mon Apr 8, 2019 @ 10:42am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: Providence Fleet Yards, Deck 6, Free Romulan Movement Operational Centre
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1615

Nate walked into the operational center, and yelled out; “Everyone, team briefing please. Briefing Room, now!” it was almost a barking order. Everyone heard, they dropped it all and just made their way to the briefing room, it was almost standing room around there, the more senior officers got seats, everyone else just hung around the outsides of the room, there was still one chair that was vacant.

“Alright, let’s make a path for the boss” replied a few people, as chatting around the room was going around. A few rumours were spreading, it was all just rumours. A few people were saying the whole project and assignment was being shut down, a few people were concerned that it was going to happen. Some people were smiling, maybe their rumours were about people being promoted into new positions. It has been six months into this assignment, so maybe it was just that time and Commodore Jackson wanted everyone to hear it and see it.

As Nate got through the almost crush that was in the briefing room, he looked around, making sure everyone was here. He barely knew some of the people, so he just assumed; “Alright, time to be quiet. We have some news and it needs to happen in the next four hours. That is all the time we will get on this”. Nate pulled up a map on the terminal behind everyone, a few people had to move so everyone could see the screen properly.

“The operational center for this assignment, for our responses to the Free Romulan Movement is moving. Outpost Curtiss, a more strategic position just outside the corridor, and will allow us much closer access to the borders. The USS Cavalry will be moving to Outpost Curtiss, alongside the USS Excalibur, and we will be taking it over. The USS Cavalry team will lead in commanding the base alongside their own ship, and they have agreed to include everyone who is coming along with them a place on the base and their ship, so you’ll have to speak through their command team about that when you get a chance. There will be a small team staying here on Providence, and team leaders have their lists of who on their team is staying and going. You have two hours to speak to your team leader if you want to change your assignment. You can change if you can find someone else on your team who wants to also change assignment”

The shocks and gasps were so audible around the room.

“Sir” perked up Commander Dalton; “I think I speak for everyone when I say this is a positive move, and while it might be shocking close and a tight turn-around, we will get it done. I’m happy to sort out any movements and ensure we have everything done?” he asked

“Sure, Commander… but make sure you are ready to go, you’ll be coming with me, I need my Deputy by my side” smiled Nate

“Sure thing, Matilda can work on the quarters and I’m sure she’ll enjoy the change of scenery” a small laugh came out of Commander Dalton.

“Everyone, please sit with your teams in the next ten minutes and let them know who is staying here, and who is going. I know many team leaders may be staying and before we finish, I have a two promotions to announce. As they are staying here, and I need a liaison officer and deputy liaison, both Commander Ronald Perkins and Lieutenant Commander Olivia Young will be promoted to those new positions as Captain and Commander respectively. Congratulations, and your rank pips are on your desks” smiled Nate

“Alright, dismissed. We have four hours” he remarked once again


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