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Finding The Team

Posted on Sat Feb 15, 2020 @ 3:02pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant JG Noah Maritz

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 27, Phaser Practice Range 3
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1720

The final set of phaser training skill sets were just getting underway when Noah arrived in, he wanted to review what was going on with the training, actually see how everyone was going. He had spoken with his Assistant and was able to go in an see Sierra and Gamma teams on their final sets. What Noah didn’t see was Captain Richardson come in at the same time.

Captain Richardson had ducked behind a few officers who were talking and walking out to the firing range. He went through undetected.

“Alright, final test. Range is 50 yards. Stand in your lane, await the red light, that will be cue for the practice to begin. When the light changes to green, you will fire once, the panel will recognize your shot and turn the light to red again, and then repeat that process 10 times. You all understand?” came the voice over the commlink that echoed around the firing range.

There was no talkback, that was common understanding that it was all agreed upon.

As Noah walked through the door to the control terminals, where he had a few of his senior team leaders and noticed his Commanding Officer; “Oh, Captain. Welcome. Did not see you come in” he commented.

“All good, carry on. Just here to observe”

“Let’s start the practice” spoke Noah as the officer next to him pressed a button. The firing range went into almost pitch darkness. Moments later, it all began. Red lights and green lights. The personnel on the floor were firing, they were waiting. The data was coming through to the control terminals.

“Looking good, we are going to have a tough time with this call on the away team. I personally think Gamma-6 is looking good”

As Captain Richardson looked on, Noah saw something; “Pull up Petty Officer Cameron’s view. I want to watch” as another junior crewmember tapped a button and up on the viewscreen in front of Noah showed a full screen of one of the firing lanes.

Noah just waited and watched; “Override the system, I want to test the Petty Officer”

Again, a few buttons were pressed; “Lieutenant, control is there. Press that button to change the colour” she said.

Noah waited… and waited… and waited.

The he pressed the button. The phaser fire came through.

“Score?” he asked

“Perfect ten. That is ten out of ten for the Petty Officer”

“Can’t be”, Noah looked at the terminal, as the results started pouring through on everyone else who had been on the range; “Only one with perfect shots every single time. Closest was 93 by Petty Officer Bennetts”

“Pull Petty Officer Cameron out of Gamma-6, put him on Beta-2 team. Find someone to move down, just work it out so Gamma-6 has someone new. I think we need to look at who had a low score and pull them in for more training. Nobody should be lower than 86” Noah made it clear that there were some scores, even from that set that he was not impressed with.

Captain Richardson was almost out the door when he heard that; “I want that man on the away team, no exceptions”

“Yes, Sir. Make that possible, please” Noah said straight to the Captain, and then to his team in the control terminal. This Petty Officer was about to find out the most difficult mission possibly, he was on it.


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