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Posted on Sat Feb 15, 2020 @ 11:00am by Lieutenant JG Noah Maritz
Edited on on Sat Feb 15, 2020 @ 11:00am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 27, Security Briefing Room
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1305

Noah walked down to the briefing room, with such a large ship, there was enough room to fit a briefing room just for the security teams, plus it was a good training room as well when theory was needed, and right alongside the phaser ranges, it was a perfect place. Noah knew that the teams needed to be updated on what was going on and that it would be probably the last chance to go, what he didn’t know what was about to happen moments later.

He walked in, everyone was standing around, some were seated already but conversations were going on and on, nobody really bothered when Noah walked in, it was a very casual department, things worked as best when everyone was on the same page and Noah felt that it was important that the strictness was kept to the moments when it was needed, not every single second of the day. He looked around, saying hello to a few people as he walked to the front of the room, looking at his deputy; Ensign Thomas and just nodded.

“Alright everyone, let’s get started” he spoke out to everyone, as the room started getting quiet. Once everyone had taken what seats were left, everyone else posted themselves around the room, all bare one security team was in the room, and they were on duty and had received this briefing before their duty was due to start.

“Thanks everyone for coming, I’ve already spoken with our brig team 3 and alpha shift, they know what is going on. We have orders from the Captain, and he has asked me to relay them to you. This mission is going to require everyone to be on their toes and to be ready for anything. We are heading to Romulan space”

A collective hush came across the room…

“However, only one security team will be taking this assignment on with the Captain, alongside myself. I’ll decide later, as I’ll need to have a meeting with team leaders about the best team for the job. This assignment is not easy, we need the best of the best”

“Why Romulan space?” shouted out one person

“Good question, Chief” Noah pointing out to wherever the question came from, as Noah opened up the large terminal behind him, showing the parameters of the assignment; “The Free Romulan Movement, that group we pursued two years earlier has kept on going, and The fact of the matter is that Commodore Nathaniel Jackson, the man who led the chargeback on Providence to rid the Free Romulan Movement years ago, was compromised from the start of the mission, he was being blackmailed by the movement leader on pain that if he didn’t, his wife and daughter would be killed”

"He was contacted some years ago by the leader of the Free Romulan Movement and he was told that they had kidnapped his wife and daughter, who also happens to be related to the Captain. They were being held by the movement to get a foothold into the corridor and cause chaos from within. It was Commodore Jackson who sabotaged the old ship we were on and forced us into this ship. He sent the virus through our old ship. I found out about all of this about half an hour ago"

“Really? Are we going to find the leader of this movement?” asked another voice in the room, all the way from the back

“Yes, and No. Our mission orders are to head to the neutral zone, not the corridor. Park it up near the Desica system, send a shuttle away team, to Desica Prime and rescue the Captain’s sister and daughter. They are being held there. The secondary mission is that Commodore Jackson needs to be brought back, preferably alive. We capture him, bring him back to the ship, throw him in the brig and take him back to Earth to pay for what he has done"

“I’m going to need everyone on their toes, all security teams are to be increased to no less than 4 people at all times when we reached the neutral zone border, and patrols doubled, if not tripled. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, so I need everyone for the next two and a half hours, to be in phaser and rifle training. Team leaders, it will be your job to evaluate, move staff into other teams if needed, make sure we have the best of the best, which is everyone, ready for what might happen”

“Aye Aye, Sir” everyone exclaimed.

“This away mission is going to be tough, you will have three, if not, four high profile targets to protect and bring back to the ship. They are all high risk, high reward for the movement, we see them, we end them. I don’t care what this takes, we bring everyone back alive and safe. Am I clear?” he asked

“Yes, Sir!” everyone responded back very quickly.

“Sir, will battle operations be to fire second, or to protect at all costs?” asked a voice, this time right in front of Noah.

“Protect at all costs, son. No matter what. I’ll get clarification, but I will authorize that you see a member of the movement, you fire at them, disable them, they come at you, end them”

“Dismissed everyone, training for the next two hours for everyone. No exceptions!. Form up with your team leaders” as everyone started to disperse from the briefing.


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