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Getting Back To It

Posted on Fri Feb 14, 2020 @ 7:12pm by Commander Elias Wren

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Earth, Unknown Location
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1300

After spending almost two years on personal leave from Starfleet, Commander Elias Wren was ready to back into uniform and do his duty for the Federation. Although the thought of leaving his son in the care of his parents wasn’t easy, it’s something he had to do.

The past two years had been difficult, more so on his son Palzo. His mother and stepfather had been killed in a shuttle accident meaning Elias was his next of kin which caused problems in itself. Palzo hadn’t seen or spoken to his father for many years. This was his mother’s doing, a way of breaking the bond they once had when he was a small boy. So relationships had to be formed all over again.

Palzo had learned to hate his father after all the lies his mother had fed to him, saying his father didn’t want children and that his father never loved him, which wasn’t the case. Trying to convince a young teenage boy that his father isn't a threat and loves him very much would be easier said that done.

Starfleet had granted leave on personal grounds so he could tend to his son. Something his former Captain, Anthony Richardson, had been able to secure for him. A debt he doubted he would never be able to repay.

At first it had been a difficult twelve months, rebuilding bridges and regaining trust. But father and son began to build the bonds a father and son should have. Over the following twelve months, with help from Elias’ parents, he was able to give Palzo a stable environment on Earth. He enrolled in school and began to settle into his new life. This is the point Elias felt could return to Starfleet. With two years passing he contacted Starfleet and asked to be placed on the active list once again. A few days later he received orders to head to SFI Delphi as the Raeyan Transit Corridor was still understaffed.

He booked passage on the next vessel, the civilian freighter Augustine, heading to Delphi and said goodbye to his son and parents. His son understood how important it was for his father to return to the job he loved. Elias found saying goodbye very difficult after growing very close to his son, but promised once he was settled in his next position he would send for him to join him.

Several days later he arrived on SFI Delphi, he reported in at the sector personnel office before heading to to find his temporary quarters. It had been a while since he’d been at Delphi so he was keen to take a look around and rediscover what the outpost had to offer.


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