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Too Important

Posted on Fri Feb 14, 2020 @ 8:14am by Captain Anthony Richardson
Edited on on Sat Feb 15, 2020 @ 3:01pm

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 2, Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1500

Anthony sat in his quarters, he had spoken to the staff as to what he wanted them to do, and what the task was. They knew that these orders were risky, that it could all go wrong but they also were aware of what could go right. They could end the Free Romulan Movement once and for all. This could be it, without the leverage and knowing very well where their headquarters were, the Romulan Empire would be all over them so quickly. This was going to be tough.

Anthony just sat in his quarters, alone. He had asked his wife and his son to stay at SFI Delphi, this was not a mission he wanted them anywhere near. There was only one other time when they had stayed behind, and it almost was the wrong decision. Lucky that it turned out better than it did, but Anthony was not taking that risk here, he knew that it was personal but he wanted to make sure his family was safe.

He had the lights turned off, he sat in the darkness, soft instrumental music playing in the background. Eyes wide open, Anthony just stared into the darkness, wondering what was going to happen. They were still another six hours away from the coordinates and then it would be phase two. He knew that alongside himself, the security detail was ready. Ensign Maritz was ready. He knew this was it.

He sat there, just thinking. He missed his wife, he missed his son. But he wanted them to be safe…

The thoughts now turned to his new Executive Officer, or his former Executive Officer who was in the right place at the right time, was this the right call? Did it make sense, or was it just the universe saying something. He had no issues with Commander Wren being there and asking him to stand with the crew at this difficult time, he was someone who could be trusted to lead and serve, but how did his crew feel about this?

It had to be a thought for another day, he needed to make sure that he was ready for this assignment. They had another few hours to go until they reached the coordinates, and needed to make sure that they were ready. The Romulans were supporting this assignment, they took had had enough, and wanted the FRM to be gone, to quell the uprising. Enough was enough. As far as Anthony was concerned, that was secondary. His priority was his sister and his niece.

He looked off to the side, a large box was there. He knew what was in it, the moment they opened it up, the away team could not go back. To make sure that the Romulans knew the location, they had tracking devices. What was not know was who would get the signal and get there first. The variables kept running through Anthony’s head, he needed just a few hours of shut-eye. The music kept playing softly in the background as Anthony tried in vein to close his eyes. He knew that he couldn’t. This was too important.


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