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The Beginning Of The End, Part Two

Posted on Sun Feb 9, 2020 @ 10:01am by Nathaniel "Nate" Jackson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Unknown Location, Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 2025

[Moments Later]

Nate was now inside, he was safe. The passageway was dark, but Nate knew his way around, it was a simple straight line. He would stop after taking twenty steps, meet the Senator, get what he needed and then leave again.

One… Two… Three… Four… he counted as he moved forward. He could see a figure in the distance.

Seventeen… Eighteen… Nineteen…


“Senator” Nate spoke, with hushed tones

“Nate, this is it. The final time we can speak. You can’t be here anymore, you need to leave Vertilla in the next hour, the Free Romulan Movement as I have been told are close to this system, they are still looking for you. They now you destroyed their outpost at Ortha Prime, and it’s only a matter of time before they discover the explosion in the Gaskpo system was you as well. I can’t help you anymore. My work is over. Leave now and go to Desica Prime, your wife and daughter are there. They haven’t moved in over two years, the movement lied to everyone. Go now!” Senator Tokeeth replied

Desica Prime was the location. Nate finally had it.

“One other thing, Nate. I need one final thing from you” the Senator looked concerned, but he looked at peace. His eyes showed a calm serenity flowing through his thoughts.

“Name it” Nate said.

“Take this and end my life. The Movement surely know that it was me who gave you the information, who was keeping you. The end game is this, they will find me. They will take me and I will not survive anyways. You do this, you give yourself a little bit of time… a bit more time, and it also keeps the Tal Shiar off your back for a day or two. It’s all I can do”

Nate stood back, he was being asked to assist in the death of a sitting Romulan Senator. All of his Starfleet training came flooding back, could he really do this.

“Nate, you need to do this. Give yourself a chance. I’ve got orders from my staff to transmit a communication to Starfleet when they find me tomorrow morning, that will keep you safe when you get back. You need to do this and you need to get out of Romulan space. I can’t protect you anymore”

Nate saw the dagger, it was in the Senator’s hand. He had his hand held out, just waiting for Nate to take it from his hands. Nate thought about it and kept thinking about it. Time was running out.

He took the dagger, it was already in the direction of Senator Tokeeth. Nate pushed it into the Senator’s body. Moments later, the dagger was on the floor, covered in the blood of Senator Tokeeth, he was dying.

“Go… Go now” Senator Tokeeth spoke, his breath began getting shorter. He was going.

Nate just ran. He had a bit of time until the body was discovered, hopefully, by then he was well gone from the whole system.


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