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The Beginning Of The End, Part One

Posted on Sun Feb 9, 2020 @ 10:00am by Nathaniel "Nate" Jackson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Unknown Location, Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 2000

Nate sat in his shuttle, just wondering what was going to happen. It had only been a few hours since he got the information that he wanted. He finally had a location, he finally knew where they were and he was coming. He still had to be weary, but things looked like they were finally about to end. They were finally coming to their conclusion. It wasn’t a natural conclusion, he had to do something that he didn’t think he would ever have to do.

He had to give it all away. He had to say goodbye to the life that he had known.

[Two Hours Earlier]
[Unknown Location – Beta Quadrant]

The sun had finally set, it was now dark. Dark enough that Nate could reveal himself. It was also the time that they had agreed upon for this meeting. The final meeting. As Nate made his way between pillars, hiding behind anything that could conceal his identity, he knew that one slip up now, and the last two years would be for nothing, they would get him and that would be it. He would be dead soon after that, his family gone as well. This had to go just the way it was planned.

The Senator was standing at his door, saying goodbye to a few people who had been inside with him. He had just finished the day of voting in the Senate, and now was about to retire for the night. Below him, there was another door, just slightly ajar.

It wasn’t unusual for Senator’s to have a main entrance for the important people, and then a secondary entrance to the offices that they had, most of the time attached to their homes, to allow staffers and lower-level people who were coming to meet with staff or even the Senator to make their way directly, rather than going through the main entrance. Made things smoother.

Tonight it was not open for that reason. It was open for Nate.

Nate watched and waited. He had the signal under wraps, after his conversations with the Senator before, they had a code that they used. It was very subtle. Only they knew, and that door off to the side was the first part of the code. The second was the main door. If it was open with only one panel, then the information was not what he wanted, but if both doors were open, then it was correct, it was what Nate needed.

Tonight, both doors were opened.

Nate just waited, waited for the Senator to return inside before he would make a run across the small street to the small door off to the side. This was it.

[Moments Later]

Nate was now inside, he was safe. The passageway was dark, but Nate knew his way around, it was a simple straight line. He would stop after taking twenty steps, meet the Senator, get what he needed and then leave again.

One… Two… Three… Four… he counted as he moved forward. He could see a figure in the distance.

Seventeen… Eighteen… Nineteen…


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