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A Quick Pitstop, Part Two

Posted on Fri Jan 31, 2020 @ 1:02pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson & Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae & Lieutenant JG Noah Maritz

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1220


"That's good, however, Nate is not using Romulan ships, he is very cunning. He was former Intelligence, so he can easily know what we are going to plan when he finds out that we are tracking him and with the movement also looking for him, he will be doing whatever he can to hide, and he has evaded everyone for the last seven months, he can do it very many more years if needed. We are going to need some different tricks, but your idea is going to help us to stay one step ahead of the movement, so get that set up as soon as you can, Lieutenant"

"Medical is staffed and fully supplied," Cassandra added, "We have a couple of new members of staff but I'm confident they will hit the ground running."

"Great, we are going to need it"


Amelia chipped in quickly. "Fighter Wing is ready to go on your orders. I've got a squadron sitting on hot standby and ready for orders," she explained, having barely moved in her seat as she did so.

"Even better, looks good to go. Those fighters are going to be crucial to deflect any attack from the movement, and if we find whatever shuttle or ship Nate is hiding in, those fighters are going to be needed to protect him. I want Nate back on this ship alive, and I want my sister and niece back as well" remarked Anthony

"Security is on standby and waiting." Noah nodded affirmatively and straightened up in the seat. "I'll have a detail ready for when they're found."

"Before we finish this meeting, there is something you need to know. Starfleet Intelligence has now declassified this mission for the duration and for this crew. You are to know what I know and you are to know what changes are happening. They don't want any secrets to be made, or anything that you need to know being missed or ignored. The fact of the matter is that my brother-in-law, the man who led the chargeback on Providence to rid the Free Romulan Movement years ago, was compromised from the start" as Anthony turned his terminal around, but also had a stack of PADDs ready with everything that he was about to say.

"He was contacted some years ago by the leader of the Free Romulan Movement and he was told that they had kidnapped his wife and daughter, who is my sister and niece. They were being held by the movement to get a foothold into the corridor and cause chaos from within. It was Nathaniel who sabotaged our old USS Excalibur and forced us into this ship. He sent the virus through our old ship, they found out where it started from two days ago, and I got the report this morning when everything was declassified" he knew this would be a lot to process, but he had to go through it. Now that it was all declassified, he had no filter to make avoiding remarks, the senior staff were to know as much as he knows and that was fine with Anthony.

"He had been forced to take on what the movement wanted, or his family were killed. We know in retrospect that this would never happen but we couldn't take the risk. When Nathaniel finally had had enough, he resigned from his admiralty position and retired, however, he never submitted retirement papers and as such, went on a vendetta, a personal one, to find his family and to find the leader of the movement, presumably to kill her" that was the hardest part well and truly over for Anthony.


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