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The Update

Posted on Tue Jan 21, 2020 @ 7:28am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 2, Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1635

Anthony was up very early, they still had some time to go to SFI Delphi, a quick pit stop and then it was on to the corridor. He had not planned to be back there so soon, it had only been two years but either way, that was what they were doing and Anthony knew that it would be a test of his command, a test of his own self. Could he bring down his brother-in-law if he had to, he knew the orders, but what he failed to let his senior staff know was that he had additional orders to bring him down, to end Nathaniel if he had to. It was a last resort set of orders. The orders itself, sat in his ready room, locked away.

Anthony hoped to be able to erase those orders...

He wondered what else could happen, whether or not things would be the way they were, whether Nate would be caught and whether he would come willingly. It was just a small bunch of questions running through his head, the hours went by and by and he just wondered, this was all he thought about. It was only the chime of the terminal behind his desk that cut the dreaded silence in his quarters.

He got up from his seat, overlooking the stars as they headed through the systems at warp and took the call from the room off to the side of his quarters. It kept his wife asleep. Appearing was Vice-Admiral Eastwood.

"Admiral, what do I owe this call? Checking in on us, I presume?" he responded, noting that they just spoke earlier.

"I wish it was social Anthony, but we have an update on Nate. You'll need to know this and please send it through to your senior staff as soon as possible. This alters your mission slightly, but enough that you need to know. Starfleet Intelligence has declassified everything now, so you are ordered to relay anything we give you to your staff, so they stay on the team and ahead of the game when it comes to Nate"

"Alright, I guess it must be important. What is going on with Nate?" Anthony was now getting worried, a change in orders. Did this mean those secondary orders were also changing?

"Well, we have had contact with a Senator, from Khazara, an outlying system that wasn't really affected by the explosion but still enough that it holds some weight in the senate. Well, it seems that he has given us some useful information. He has been in contact with Nate, and for a while. We were able to get what we needed from him, it seems you play the support card and they fall like dominos. He has given us a location. Nate's family are located on Desica, it's about 40 light-years, but crucially it is 23 light-years from SFI Delphi, so you should reach there with ease since the shuttle he supposedly has it slow enough, and he wouldn't risk it all in one trip, so there is time. We also have access for one shuttle to the area, and only the Desica system, and for 7 days. That is all you are going to have and get Anthony"

"So, we know where he was going. Where he is headed" it went over Anthony's head that this was the location of his sister and his niece. He was lost on that, all he wanted was to bring his brother-in-law back and to face whatever he had done. He knew it was the end of his career, but how would Anthony react to seeing him.

"I'm afraid so, Anthony. Orders are to get to Desica as soon as you can and to be there waiting for him. Take whatever you need, you have 7 days in the system, Romulan patrols have been fully diverted for that period of time. Just get him and bring him back to us. Once you have him, return to Earth and maximum warp speed, please" was the response

"Um... sir, one last thing," asked Anthony, he had to ask this question

"Anthony, I know what you are about to ask. Those secondary orders still are active, if you need to use them, use them. End of discussion" was all Vice Admiral Eastwood remarked about, he knew what it was all about and he knew Anthony did not like it, but they were what he was given.

"Understood, Excalibur Out" as the screen turned black. Anthony stayed seated, he just looked out of the window again. The dark sky rushing past as they headed onwards to SFI Delphi. He just closed his eyes and started to think. Think of his family, to think of Nathaniel.

What was about to happen???


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