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Waiting For...

Posted on Sat Jan 11, 2020 @ 7:53am by Commodore Nathaniel "Nate" Jackson
Edited on on Sat Jan 11, 2020 @ 8:07am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Unknown Location, Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1600

There were only a few more hours until the sun would be down, Nathaniel sat quietly in the shadows, just waiting. He could not make himself known in the sunlight, he had to keep a low profile. He knew from talking to several people that many were looking for him, but he wasn't aware that his brother-in-law was part of that force. He knew that the Romulans were looking for him, that they wanted to speak to him. He had his contacts and needed just one more thing.

He was getting close to finding out the exact location...

The location of where his family were being held. Where they were taken some six months ago when he started this journey, this vendetta to get them back and to destroy the movement from the inside. He had to do this, regardless of what anybody else said, even if it was his own Starfleet. They told him to stay still, to stay where he was, and to let the Intelligence services do their work. Nate couldn't handle being kept in the loop, and that was all he needed to take matters into his own hands. That was nine months ago, and since then, he has had to use his contacts to get the information that he wanted.

It was only two months ago that he made himself aware to the Federation, he knew that they were looking for him, he knew that they were after him and hot on his trail. The explosion at Ortha Prime and in the Gaskpo system was his doing, he was able to get what he needed and land a blow against the movement, and now he had them on his trail. His contacts were doing well to keep him a few steps ahead, but now it was just at the point where he could not risk any day movement, and if it was required, it was as little as possible.

If he ever had a chance, then this was it. The daylight would be ending in a few hours and he had contact with Senator Tokeeth tonight. He had information that would be useful. He just had to wait, this information could be crucial. He needed to know what this was going to be, could it be the lead he required to find his family

[Elsewhere - Senator Tokeeth's Office]

"Senator, you have a vote in about ten minutes," said the aide

"Thank You, please leave my office now. I'll be out to vote shortly" replied the Senator, he was not that old but had achieved his seat on the Senate through his ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring about a more friendship with the Federation. There were still factions within the rebuilt Romulan worlds that the Federation wasn't to be trusted, but Tokeeth wanted to build those bridges. It had been now 4 years since the destruction of Romulus, and for what it was worth, things had changed in some areas. Tokeeth's region, his homeworld, that was the case. People were more welcoming to the Federation. That wasn't to say that they could just walk freely around the cities, but there was not a lot of suspicions.

However, at the moment, security was a bit tighter. The Free Romulan Movement had caused a lot of it, the Romulan Senate wiped their hands of those who were, and those who joined the movement, and just didn't want anything to do with them. They were cancer on the society that the Senate wanted to rebuild. However, the recent incidents, namely the explosion on Ortha Prime, was a concern to the security of the Romulan Empire, and now it was time for the Tal Shiar to be involved.

The vote, the last for the day, would give Tokeeth the reason he required to leave, he could head back to his residence after the vote, but then slip out and make contact with Nathaniel, the man he had been helping. These contacts were made possible after Tokeeth's father assured him that Nathaniel was fine, that he was part of the good side, that he only wanted peace. What he didn't expect was to see his family harmed. Not Tokeeth's family, but Nathaniel's family.

He made a few commands on the terminal, and appeared a black screen, with the faint outline of someone in the shadows. They were keeping their identity secret.

"Senator" the voice was changed, they were using something to mask their real identity.

"I am due to meet with Jackson tonight, at 2000 hours. I know where his family is. I will send him there, the movement are low in numbers there and he will have no issues in getting his family back. I'll send through details of the vessel he will be given at the depot and you can track him and take him back. The Tal Shiar will take over the intelligence on the movement, as agreed"

"The location, Senator" was all the darkened figure said

"Ah, my apologies. The family are located on Desica, it's about 40 light-years from my location and about 23 light-years from where your ships are, so you should arrive well before to set yourself up. I have spoken with Senator Korreesa and the provisional government there, you have access into Romulan space. All patrols in the area have been diverted for 7 days, you have a week to get this done."

"That's what we needed, we only need one ship and even then, I think the commander there will use a smaller shuttle to go in and get Nate. Thank You Senator" the screen went full black. The unknown man was gone.


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