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Intelligence Sharing

Posted on Sun Feb 17, 2019 @ 8:42am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Leticia Sanchez
Edited on on Mon Apr 8, 2019 @ 10:42am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 30, Intelligence Offices
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1600

Lieutenant Commander Phillip Maxwell-Clarke found out, as he always seems to, about a new Chief Intelligence Officer onboard the USS Excalibur, he had to meet this new person and propose the ideas that he had. Since the Excalibur and Cavalry would be working somewhat close to each other in the fight against the Free Romulan Movement, it was essential that both teams worked together, shared their data and helped each other. It could be the one edge that they had. With all the changes going on, and this new ship; Phillip found it interesting to notice that the Intelligence Offices were so deep in the bowels of the ship.

The old marine quarters had been mostly converted to enlisted quarters and what-not related to other areas of the ship, including strategic operations and intelligence. A lot of the space had been reallocated and designed to replicate a suite of offices for the intelligence department. Phillip looked around as he entered the entrance to the offices and was impressed. It looked very similar to what he had on the Cavalry, just a few things were different, but that must have been a personal touch.

Letty was surprised with the enormity of the ship. Coming from a Sabre, this ship was gigantic. The Intelligence Department was huge, with rows of cubicles, a reception desk. Her office was probably almost the size of the Intelligence Department on the Sabre, if not bigger. She must have done something right in trying to stop the Kumari's Captain.

Phillip was already there; "You there!" he barked, rank to Phillip was a method of madness if he could use it to get what he wanted, he would.

Letty was still looking around the offices. Phillip repeated what he said earlier and Letty turned around, now wondering who those guys were talking to. Realizing no one else was around her, she addressed the needy Lieutenant Commander.

"Me?" Letty asked, wondering who would already know her on this ship.

"Yeah, you the new Intelligence Chief for this ship?" he asked

"Supposed to be," Letty replied. You never knew what a Captain had in mind until you actually reported.

"Well, all good then. I'm Phillip. Phillip Maxwell-Clarke, I'm over on the Cavalry leading their Intelligence department. I was hoping to catch you before our ships departed, maybe catch you up on what we know so that there is some sort of consistency and we might even have both teams working together," he replied

"Sure," Letty said slowly. "Today's my first day though, so don't be surprised if you know more than me."

"All good with that might be good for you to know what is going on. Will catch you up quicker" smiled Phillip

"I said you might know more than me, not that I had no idea what was going on... sir," Letty defended her reputation.

"Well, the big thing around intelligence circles is that there are possibilities of four systems that may be the home of the movement's operational base. Not sure if you have been informed of it, but there is three within Romulan space, not sure if approval has been given, but either way, we know that we can't enter their space, and you'll need to make sure your Captain doesn't authorise entry until the approval is given. We don't need any incidents" Phillip remarked, he was unaware of Leticia's past just yet.

Letty wondered if Phillip was playing a joke on her, yet realized after the pause that he had no idea of her background.

"Trust me, I'll probably gut the Captain if he tries to make that order," Letty muttered.

"Sounds like a plan, as for those systems. We need to get some sort of intelligence in on the four systems, the Desica, Unroth, Dumok'azen and Rowehl systems. The Cavalry has been asked to survey the Rowehl system as its within the corridor, but the other three are the ones in Romulan space. Do you think you can try and dig up whatever you can find, maybe we can have an idea of what might be there without actually seeing it?" he asked

"I am not a Science Officer, yet anything that matches the Priority Intelligence Requirements, we will report," Letty answered.

"Sounds good, Lieutenant. We need to be aware that if we find out anything that may suggest a possible base, it is only observe and report, no stepping foot on any surface. I'm not sure what your last assignment was, I'll find that out one day soon, but if we are to work closely with each other and each ship, I want to make sure both our teams do the right thing and push the Captain to follow orders. I'm not having another debacle like I faced back on Starbase 24."

Letty looked at him and wondered if she should reveal she served on the Kumari. She chose to bite her tongue instead and nodded.

"Yes, sir. Anything else?" Letty asked.

"Nope, should be all good now. Looking forward to chatting with you later" he smiled, and walked away. It was a good first impression


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