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A Quick Pitstop, Part One

Posted on Fri Jan 31, 2020 @ 1:01pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson & Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae & Lieutenant JG Noah Maritz

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1200

The Excalibur was travelling at warp factor 7 as per Captain's request. Given his time onboard thus far he was still learning how to handle the giant Ascension class vessel. The navigation officer beside him didn't have much to say, she was a junior officer like himself. Artorius kept his attention on the viewscreen as well as his station. Seeing light years decelerate on his monitor and on the viewscreen.

He eased the Excalibur into a smooth slowdown, dropping out of warp as controlled as he could manage for a ship so large.

"SFI Delphi coming into range in forty-five seconds Captain," Artorius announced. True to his word the viewscreen soon proved the Romulan's remarks accurate.

"Alright, someone take over. Senior Staff to my ready room, please" asked Anthony, as he got up from his seat and headed down to the door into his ready room.

Artorius left his station, which was automatically filled by another helm officer. It seemed like a fluid motion that no one would have paid any attention to.

The CMO slipped into the Captain's ready room and took the first available seat. She had skipped breakfast this morning and as a result, her stomach complained loudly as she sat down.

Amelia had managed to kick out one of the science officers from the multitude of multi-role stations on the Bridge several hours earlier, and was busy going through a long manifest of pilots, handlers, loaders, controllers.....her department was bigger than she had even dreamed it being. Hearing the call from the Captain, she minimized all of her data on the terminal and made for the ready room.

The security chief seemed to be the last one to enter the briefing room and grimaced at it, thinking to himself that he needed to up his game on everything. Taking a seat, he took out the data padd he always carried and waited for the captain to begin.

"OK, we have an update on the location of my brother-in-law, and an update on the mission. We have a two-hour layover here at SFI Delphi, and it is important that we get everything that we need, this will be our only stop. After we leave, it is another 9 hours to get to the location that we have now, well; just inside our region. We will be right along the neutral zone, the border will only be a few thousand kilometres away, so this is going to be very intense. Are you still already for this?"

"We've faced similar odds before Captain." Artorius began. "Helm station is green all across the board. We can scan for any cloaked vessels that may encroach into the system." He added with a sly grin. "I can try to modify sensors to detect singularity signatures from any Romulan ship within a distance of 500 kilometres."

Artorius saw the faces in the room they weren't understanding him.

"You see-" He continued. "-every Romulan singularity core has its own distinctive signature. They may form as black holes, but the frequency to shape and contain that core is different from other warbirds, or the warp theorist who designed the singularity core for any ship."

"That's good, however, Nate is not using Romulan ships, he is very cunning. He was former Intelligence, so he can easily know what we are going to plan when he finds out that we are tracking him and with the movement also looking for him, he will be doing whatever he can to hide, and he has evaded everyone for the last seven months, he can do it very many more years if needed. We are going to need some different tricks, but your idea is going to help us to stay one step ahead of the movement, so get that set up as soon as you can, Lieutenant"

"Medical is staffed and fully supplied," Cassandra added, "We have a couple of new members of staff but I'm confident they will hit the ground running."


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