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A New Direction

Posted on Sun Dec 15, 2019 @ 6:43am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 2, Captain’s Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0900

Anthony sat in his quarters, he had given the next eight hours off to pretty much everyone, most departments just doing very basic duties, to try and give everyone some time off. He wanted to give them the time to refresh and recharge the batteries, to get everyone ready for what was going to be happening very soon. He had a feeling of what was to come when they arrived back in the corridor in a couple of days. It wasn’t a good feeling.

As he just sat by the window, reading a book, just relaxing, he heard the com link coming through, and then the voice of his Yeoman; “Sir, I have Starfleet Command one priority one”

“Please send it to my quarters, and can we realign the talk sensors, please”

“Sure thing, sir. Sending it now”

Anthony got up, left the book on the glass table, he wanted to keep reading it and enjoy his time off, he only had a few more hours before he would take the bridge and let his Executive Officer some free time. He sat down at his desk, tapping a few buttons, the screen turned on and appeared Vice Admiral Eastwood.

“Anthony, how is everything?” he asked, getting right down to the point essentially.

“All good, Sir. Just giving some time off for the crew before we rock up to SFI Delphi tomorrow afternoon for a quick break, then onwards to the corridor” responded Anthony.

“Great to hear, I just wanted to let you know that we have had to make some changes to the organisation of our ships in the sector. We’ve had some organisational changes here at Command, and simply put it, the 22nd Fleet has been created now, and we’ve opted to move you along with a bunch of other ships and based to their command and control, they are our overarching fleet, and we wanted to put you there to give you more control over what happens, your missions are now not confined to one area, we can utilise your skills and the skills of the Ascension class anywhere now with the 22nd Fleet.” as he finished speaking, a file appeared on the screen, detailing the changes.

Anthony knew it was nothing more than a fabric screen and nothing more than just what was put on the computer systems at Starfleet Command but still, it was something exciting. There was now no need for the Excalibur to be stuck on one basic mission, or something boring, if they were needed somewhere, they would be there. This was actually exciting.

“Great to hear, Admiral. I assume our current assignment is still active and we haven’t changed assignments with this change?” he asked

“Of course not, we still prioritise the need to bring Commodore Jackson back in as a top priority, and this change will also bring us a bit of better favour with the Romulan Senate, we may have some sort of approval to get you into their space and beyond the neutral zone shortly. I’ll keep you updated on that one”

“Good news Admiral. I guess that is it?” he asked

“Should be, I’ll let the leadership group of the 22nd know you have been informed. Best of luck”

Anthony closed the com link, and went right back to reading his book. He was almost finished and wanted to get it done, find a new book and hen head up to the bridge.


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