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Buzz The... Flight Deck???, Part Three

Posted on Wed Nov 27, 2019 @ 2:08am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 8, Holodeck 2
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0750


Anthony was still amazed by it all, he gingerly made his way over to this large aircraft, in awe at its size. That possibility was getting more and more closer to actually having a go sooner rather than later

“Captain Richardson, Lieutenant Amelia Wilson,” Petty Officer Daniels introduced, the Lieutenant still climbing down the ladder from the aircraft. Certainly not dressed in Starfleet attire, Amelia wore an olive green jumpsuit; a pilots uniform from the same era as the jet she had just landed flawlessly.


Also adorning her body and hanging off her left torso was a mask with a long tube attached to it, and she also wore a device that Anthony would later find out was called an ‘anti-g suit’. Finally, the last piece to the ensemble was handed down to her from the man who had climbed up to help her out, a white helmet that had a colourful image of a two-tailed cat on it, with the word ‘TOMCAT’ printed in bold black letters on the front. Upon reaching the ground, Amelia turned to face the pair, walking up to the Captain with an open hand extended.

“Pleasure to meet you sir,” she said with a smile.

“Whatever that was, that was amazing. I think you’ll fit right in at home leading our fighter pilots” commented Anthony, shaking the Lieutenant’s hand. He knew that with only a few vacancies, that it was either his new Wing Commander, or this engineer loved flying planes.

Amelia beamed, “Why thank you sir, I appreciate that sentiment! I’m due for a meeting with the XO, but if you’d like I’d be more than happy to take you up....say, tonight? Twenty-one-hundred hours?” She offered, pointing her thumb at the jet behind her as she did so.

“Don’t think I could say no, there is no way I wouldn’t miss something like that in the world. So many questions to ask, but to see what you just did from the seat of one of these aircraft, couldn’t be any better. I look forward to that” smiled Anthony, looked like it would be happening quicker than he thought.

“I’ll see you tonight, sir!” She said with a smile, turning and heading towards the Island. “Computer, exit,” she said authoritatively, the computer obliging with a chime, the doors materialising on the side of the Island exactly where they had when the Captain arrived. Within a few seconds, Amelia had disappeared into the Excalibur’s corridors.

“Oh, before I forget Lieutenant, I’ll be asking for your advice as Second Officer. I think just from that, and what I saw, I need someone like you on my staff and someone who I can rely on. Those officers there looked after you the whole way in, they respected you and your commands, you will be a good source of advice. Welcome to Excalibur” replied Anthony.

That happened all so very quick, Anthony had been looking for someone to assist with the command staff and this Lieutenant seemed liked the right candidate. Anthony knew from the first moment, it was just enough to make that decision even easier. As much as Lieutenant Wilson had been onboard for all of what felt like 5 seconds, it was his call, he carried “the ball” as he had heard on the flight deck, and it was the right call.


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