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Buzz The... Flight Deck???, Part Two

Posted on Wed Nov 27, 2019 @ 2:06am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson
Edited on on Sat Dec 14, 2019 @ 6:41am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 8, Holodeck 2
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0730


“As a matter of fact, there she is now!” Daniels announced loudly, indicating towards the sky in the distance over the stern of the Kitty Hawk. There, a small black dot with a faint exhaust trail following it was growing larger and larger as it approached the carrier. Flying at very low altitude and approaching the speed of sound was a sole F-14; its wings swept back and afterburners shooting long tails of flame out of the exhausts. With an ear-shattering boom, the fighter blew through the sound barrier as it drew level with the carrier to the elation of many of the deck crew.

“Whoa! Is that safe?” he asked, wondering how close he was actually getting to the aircraft. They might have been holographic projections, but he wasn’t taking any chances. This was beyond belief.


Daniels chuckled at the Captain’s remark. “I’ll let you have that discussion with her, sir! Personally, I’m not that game!” The pair watched as the jet made a long left turn and bled off its speed, Daniels handing the Captain a pair of binoculars. “I’m assuming you know how these work, sir?”

“Of course” he had a little giggle, it was a nice jab at him.

A few minutes had gone by, and the Tomcat was now lined up and approaching the carrier. Over the PA system a male voice could be heard communicating with a distinctly female voice. “Tomcat this is Battle Cat, you’re at one half mile, call the ball...”

“Affirm, Tomcat has the ball,” the female voice called back. The Captain could clearly see the jet as it approached the rear of the carrier; its wings fully extended, wheels down and a strange-looking hook hanging down under the rear of the aircraft.

“That’s not going to slow down in enough time, is it?” Anthony was amazed by this, it was something he may have to consider trying during the next few days. That plane was going way too quick to have any chance of stopping, with the limited space on this carrier, with all the water around it, there was no way it was going to stop before going back into the ocean below. This didn’t look pretty.

“Watch, it’s pretty cool!” The Petty Officer said with a hint of excitement. The jet came in over the deck, the hook on the back catching one of the thick cables that ran across what must have been the runway. In less than half a second, the main wheels hit the deck, quickly followed by the wheels at the front of the jet. With a roar, the aircraft’s engines were mashed to full power as the cable rapidly brought the jet to a stop on the deck. As it slowed to a stop, the engines quietened back down to the dull roar of idle, the cable dropping from the hook and allowing the fighter to move off the runway. With a quick glance, the pilot spotted the Captain and one of the safety observers over by the Island, directing the loud jet in their direction. A few moments later the jet stopped, its engines shutting down with a deep long howl; the forward canopy opening up and a man in brown climbing up to help the pilot out. “Come on sir, we can head over now,” Daniels said, motioning for the Captain to move towards the aircraft with him.

Anthony was still amazed by it all, he gingerly made his way over to this large aircraft, in awe at its size. That possibility was getting more and more closer to actually having a go sooner rather than later

“Captain Richardson, Lieutenant Amelia Wilson,” Petty Officer Daniels introduced, the Lieutenant still climbing down the ladder from the aircraft. Certainly not dressed in Starfleet attire, Amelia wore an olive green jumpsuit; a pilots uniform from the same era as the jet she had just landed flawlessly.


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