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A Whirlwind Arrival, Part Two

Posted on Mon Nov 25, 2019 @ 4:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson
Edited on on Wed Nov 27, 2019 @ 1:28am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 19, Main Shuttlebay (Mid Level)
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 2245


There was a frantic buzz within deck control as the doors opened to reveal Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein. A lieutenant in red was still attempting to raise the Valkyrie on subspace even as it was landing; several crewman in yellow were beneath the row of consoles overlooking the hangar, pulling at the blue and yellow neon guts behind the slick black composite hulls of the work stations that they’d thrown open or outright pulled off; still others in both yellow and red were tracing leads from access panel to access panel behind the same Deck Officer who now stood and acknowledged Ghein’s presence, “Lieutenant Commander Ghein!” The Andorian cast a hard nosed, appraising stare around the deck from within the door frame as the lieutenant made his report, “still no sign of what’s causing the short in our communications system. It seems to be localized to this deck,” before stepping into the relatively cramped deck. Ghein silently stalked over to the transparent viewing panels, brows furrowed and grimacing ever so gently as the lieutenant concluded, “but engineering is still running diagnostics of the rest of the ship.”


With some more commands entered, the fighter’s lights switched off, the landing struts extended and the RCS thrusters made one final firing sequence; the Valkyrie gracefully touched down on the massive hangar surface with marksman-like precision and the touch of a feather. With a swift pull on an exposed knob on the left side of the canopy, an audible clunk announced that the canopy’s locking mechanism had been released; the transparent structure slowly opening rear wards on its hinges and a retractable ladder descending from the side of the cockpit. Almost immediately, a young Petty Officer in star fighter blue had run up to the side of the fighter, reaching its side as Amelia was starting her decent down the ladder. “Welcome aboard ma’am! How was your trip?” He asked, a polite smile adorning his face as he waited for the Lieutenant to descend down the ladder.

Reaching the bottom, Amelia didn’t hang around to reply, choosing to do so as she almost power walked towards a set of doors near what she knew to be the turbolift. “Eighteen hours on a single-seat fighter with no head facilities, how do you think?” She shot back.

Ghein watched the exchange in silence from his vantage point in deck control, hands clasped at his back. The frown and grimace had by now relented. The fact that the Deck Officer had enough observational skills to recognize the Lieutenant Commander was not interested in extraneous, even if relevant, chatter at this point of the evening was refreshing. The older man took a deep breath, heaved a sigh, “Thank you, Lieutenant. I trust your report will reflect that all possible methods of communication,” and now turned to squarely face the other, “were attempted before that fighter was allowed aboard this ship?”

The deck officer went rigid and blinked a few times at the dissonance between Ghein’s placid, almost pleasant, behavior and tone and the accusatory implication in his actual words, “Sir, the situation evolved so quickly tha-“

“In your written report, Lieutenant,” Lapzik interjected, “Carry on.” It was a small mercy on the commander’s part, even if the deck officer didn’t understand it. Ghein turned away from the observation panels and casually exited deck control. His easy pace was out of character, though the questions he posed to the computer were not, “Computer, identify the pilot of the Valkyrie that just landed.”

The computer chirped and responded in its vaguely female deadpan, “The pilot of the most recently arrived Valkyrie is Lieutenant Amelia Wilson.”

Ghein had by this time reached the turbolift and called for it. The doors opened as he continued his line of questioning, “What is Lieutenant Amelia Wilson’s role aboard the Excalibur?”

“Lieutenant Amelia Wilson is the Wing Commander aboard the USS Excalibur.”

The doors slid shut and Ghein shook his head absently, “Deck 17.”

Amelia returned to her fighter a short time later, a small gathering of starfighter pilots had gathered around it, the obvious topic of their discussions was the four four-hundred-year-old drop tanks turned cargo pods. "Look but don't touch gentlemen, they're antiques and can't just be replicated," she announced, climbing up to the cockpit to retrieve a PaDD and four small, round devices. Climbing back down, she took the small objects and slipped one onto each tank. "My quarters, Petty Officer?" she asked, beginning to tap commands into the PaDD.

“Deck Three Section Sixteen, ma’am,” the Petty Officer replied, watching as the four pods were encapsulated in a transporter beam, dematerialising into nothingness as they were transported to the Lieutenant’s quarters.

Amelia banged on the side of the fighter’s hull. “Come on Sootie, time to go!” She called. At the cockpit opening appeared the black cat; he wore a command red collar with what looked to be a commbadge attached to it, positioned at the top of the collar. With a carefully placed crouch, the cat leaped down from the fighter onto the flight deck and followed the Lieutenant towards the adjoining corridor, leading on to the turbolift which would take the pair to their new home on Deck Three.

Meanwhile, Ghein had just arrived on the pilot’s deck. As the lift opened into the corridor he reconsidered his decision to come. While it would make sense to beard an adversary in their den, it might well be a mistake to set down a path that would create an adversary. “No,” Ghein thought to himself as he idly shuffled where he stood, eyes constantly roaming from frame to frame of the door, left to right, then right to left, over and over again, “this would be a tactical error.” He sniffed sharply once and coughed; that sinus was inflamed and unruly once more. What Lapzik needed was rest. Yes, rest before he approached the issue of this new Wing Commander’s whirlwind arrival.

“Computer, deck two.”


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