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Buzz The... Flight Deck???, Part One

Posted on Wed Nov 27, 2019 @ 2:03am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 8, Holodeck 2
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0710

The air was thick with the smell of saltwater and steam, along with an overpowering odour of jet fuel. The high-grip deck pitched back and forth slowly, a mild sea making little trouble for the aircraft carrier as it made its way across the Pacific. On the deck it was a scene of controlled chaos as aircraft handlers in yellow directed the arriving aircraft towards men in purple who were refuelling the aircraft; it truely was a symphony of hand gestures and signals, almost appearing choreographed yet random enough not to be arranged. On the side of the Kitty Hawk’s island a holodeck door appeared, opening to reveal Captain Richardson who moved forward slowly, the doors humming to a close behind him and vanishing back to the grey steel island structure. He was out of place in his Starfleet uniform on the flight deck, hence why a man jogged up to him after only being there for a few moments. “Afternoon Captain! What can I do for you?” he had to speak loudly as large, propellor-driven aircraft landed behind him. He was wearing white with a matching helmet and a headset which he held with one ear off so he could hear the Captain’s reply.

Anthony, having finally found the time, with the ship heading at high warp to its first stopover location, had been meaning to find the new senior members of his staff and get to have a quick chat with them, he wanted to meet them and see how they fit into his staff, but also to get to know them a bit. There wasn't a lot of time as they were at Xavier Fleet Yards for only a short period of time, either way, the first stop was the holodeck and his new Fighter Commander. Seeing the outlay of what was being run, it amazed Anthony.

“Are you Lieutenant Wilson by any chance?" he asked, wondering what was actually going on around here. He knew it was a holodeck program, but the setup was crazy. Then it actually hit him. This was a classic aircraft carrier, the planes were all from the old school 20th century. It looked amazing. This had to have been worked on for some time, it was so detailed.

The man shook his head and almost yelled back at the Captain, “No sir! Chief Petty Officer Daniels sir, Safety Observer. The CAG will be landing in a few minutes if you want to wait with me?”

“Who?” that was Anthony’s response

“As a matter of fact, there she is now!” Daniels announced loudly, indicating towards the sky in the distance over the stern of the Kitty Hawk. There, a small black dot with a faint exhaust trail following it was growing larger and larger as it approached the carrier. Flying at very low altitude and approaching the speed of sound was a sole F-14; its wings swept back and afterburners shooting long tails of flame out of the exhausts. With an ear-shattering boom, the fighter blew through the sound barrier as it drew level with the carrier to the elation of many of the deck crew.

“Whoa! Is that safe?” he asked, wondering how close he was actually getting to the aircraft. They might have been holographic projections, but he wasn’t taking any chances. This was beyond belief.


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