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A Whirlwind Arrival, Part One

Posted on Mon Nov 25, 2019 @ 4:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein & Lieutenant Amelia Wilson
Edited on on Wed Nov 27, 2019 @ 1:28am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 19, Main Shuttlebay (Mid Level)
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 2230

With her fighter flying itself towards the rendezvous coordinates she was given before leaving the USS Pioneer, Amelia was relaxing while she had the chance. Stretched out in the pilot’s seat she had drifted off to sleep hours ago to the hum of the Valkyrie’s warp core, warp four having the most relaxing tone of all the fighter’s speeds. Behind the seat was a black furry object, curled up into a ball and purring lightly as it slept on a woolly bed. The eighteen hour long trip was only covering a tiny distance, little more than point two of a lightyear, and Amelia had tried to get the Pioneer to drop them closer but the Captain had insisted that he couldn’t leave them hanging around for all that time alone. An audible, low level alarm tone rang out from the control console in front of the Lieutenant, waking her almost immediately. Reaching forward lazily, she tapped the panel, “Computer, report” she said in little more than a murmur.

“Proximity alert has been triggered, a vessel is approaching bearing two-two-five mark three-nine,” the computer responded, its voice unchanged since Amelia had first heard.

“Identify the vessel,” Amelia replied, now beginning to sit up a little straighter in her seat and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Looking out over each with of the fighter, she did a quick visual check that her cargo pods were still attached. They were not of Starfleet design nor origin, they were in fact drop tanks from an early twenty-first century fighter jet that Amelia had modified for cargo use.

“USS Excalibur, Ascension-class Carrier,” the display on the panel showed a small schematic image of the ship as the computer responded. Satisfied her pods were still firmly attached, Amelia went back to tapping commands into the panel. The sound of a commlink opening rang through the cockpit.

“Excalibur, this is Tomcat-One at designated rendezvous coordinates. Please respond,” she announced firmly, now fully awake and prepping the fighter for its arrival sequence.

“Tomcat One, th-s i- ExcaAallllib-r flig-t control,” came the conspicuously grainy response from the flight control officer, “We haAavv- you on sens—-. AdjUuUs- course to he-d—g two e—ht six mark three —-ee, bearing f-ur five m—k six n—- at one qu—t— impul— ... await cle—-nc- for laAaNNnndi-g. C-nf—m.”

The audio that the fighter received was barely readable and terribly scratchy, leaving Amelia to wonder what the hell had actually happened to the Excalibur's comm system. 'For such a modern ship she sure sounds like she's been to hell and back,' she thought to herself, applying a couple of filters to the Valkyrie's own comm channel to see if it cleared the audio up any better. "Tomcat One to Excalibur, you were barely readable, say again your orders?" The black bundle of fur had now awoke from behind Amelia's seat, moving itself to the left side of her body and sitting on the end of the console that wrapped around her, the creatures ears bolt upright and listening to what was happening around it.

The channel was definitely open, however there was silence on the other end for far too long. For its part, the Excalibur appeared to remain steady as she went, though it was evident there was an issue with whatever relay the flight deck was using as another partial transmission greeted the fighter, “Tomca- ..., pl—s- r—pon-.” It was apparent the deck officer was unaware of the problem with the comm, however the man had enough sense to hit the external lights that lead to the opening of the hangar: two solid, parallel lines of golden rod on the side of the vessel led to a small maw adorned with a pair of similarly colored flashing lights on the left and right sides, while crowned and shoed with strobing white.

“Well, I think I’ll be having words with the Engineering crews once we settle in...” she murmured to herself, closing the comm and engaging the fighters thrusters and impulse engines. With a swift passing of her hands over the controls, the Valkyrie moved towards the side of the massive carrier almost effortlessly covering the distance in little more than thirty or forty seconds. As she got close to the open hangar doors Amelia shut the fighter’s engines down, letting inertia do the rest as they then quietly passed into the hangar and adjusted the internal dampeners to match the ship’s own artificial gravity.

There was a frantic buzz within deck control as the doors opened to reveal Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein. A lieutenant in red was still attempting to raise the Valkyrie on subspace even as it was landing; several crewman in yellow were beneath the row of consoles overlooking the hangar, pulling at the blue and yellow neon guts behind the slick black composite hulls of the work stations that they’d thrown open or outright pulled off; still others in both yellow and red were tracing leads from access panel to access panel behind the same Deck Officer who now stood and acknowledged Ghein’s presence, “Lieutenant Commander Ghein!” The Andorian cast a hard nosed, appraising stare around the deck from within the door frame as the lieutenant made his report, “still no sign of what’s causing the short in our communications system. It seems to be localized to this deck,” before stepping into the relatively cramped deck. Ghein silently stalked over to the transparent viewing panels, brows furrowed and grimacing ever so gently as the lieutenant concluded, “but engineering is still running diagnostics of the rest of the ship.”


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