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Getting Going... With New Orders, Part Two

Posted on Wed Nov 20, 2019 @ 7:28pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein & Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae & Lieutenant JG Noah Maritz
Edited on on Sat Jan 11, 2020 @ 7:02am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1115


The pair of blue antennae visibly shifted forward, leading the rest of Ghein’s torso. Along with the frown, it was clear that the now bolt upright Lieutenant Commander was perturbed by the last order, “Sir, that heading brings us deeper into the Beta Quadrant.” There were only a handful of sensible reasons to send a dreadnought like the Excalibur in that direction, none of them very appealing, but all of them capable of explaining the shift in Richardson’s baseline behaviour. Being that he’d only just transferred from Starfleet Intelligence, the Andorian was privy to certain recent reports involving pirates, terrorist organizations, and even assorted unpleasantries that the majority of the Fleet wasn’t fully briefed on, “Ventax II is in the Betazed Sector.”


“Bridge crew, I am informing you now that 45 minutes ago, our mission orders have changed. We are now being tasked with a new objective. My brother-in-law has gone rogue and is inside Romulan space, trying to sabotage the Free Romulan Movement, a group we worked so hard on three years ago to decimate. The time has come to bring them to their knees, and to bring not only my brother-in-law back, but to finally send a message to them. We have orders to capture him at any costs. Can I count on everyone to do this? If not, please say now and it will be noted in my report” he spoke.

The words 'Free Romulan Movement' sent a chill down Artorius' spine. In a sense, they were just as mysterious as the Tal Shiar once was. He would hear stories on Virinat from visitors of the colony. To say the FRM provided complications about the quadrant was a massive understatement.

However, he needed something answered, and Artorius hope he wouldn't press too far. "I beg your pardon Captain but it's not like a hardline group like the Free Romulan Movement to accept members who weren't Romulan, sir." There was confusion in Richardson's explanation, Artorius gave his captain a sincere look. "Even if his help is accepted your brother stands to gain little. The FRM, on the other hand, will see a rogue Federation officer with secrets of his own, or with access to secrets to be extracted and exploited..." Artorius left it there, he didn't want to give Captain Richardson anymore to worry over.

"The orders stand, Commander. He is not infiltrating the movement, he is trying to destroy it and get my sister back, after they kidnapped her and her daughter three years ago. We are going to capture him before he does something stupid, and destroys all hope that the Federation have of bringing the movement to its knees. His actions could have severe repercussions all across the corridor and the quadrant. If he is not stopped, the movement will just come at us harder and worse"

Following the Captain’s address, Ghein had been making himself quite busy at the miniature command suite in his armrest. Furiously punching away at various screens, perusing whatever it was that he‘d been calling up, another bout of frenetic key tapping. His readout suddenly went dark; Ghein turned his attention to the Captain just as quickly, “All sections report status nominal. Final checks of crew, cargo, and supplies confirmed. Telemetry affirms we are clear of space dock and face no significant debris or gravitational wells.” Ghein stood from his seat and came to the loose but practiced attention, “Excalibur is ready for warp on your command, sir.”

“Great, then let’s go. Maximum Warp and let’s make some tracks” as Anthony sat down

As casually and discreet as was possible, and much was possible due to his former career path, Lapzik leaned towards Richardson and spoke at a confidential volume, “Sir, a moment of your time when you have it.” The words themselves were polite and deferential, however, the tone and decrescendo made it obvious that it was a demand and not a request. The soul of a senior Intelligence Bureaucrat, if indeed such people had one, was once again coming to the fore of Lapzik Ghein’s professional conduct. Were his personnel file any less impressive or immediately pertinent to their mission he might have been more cautious, but circumstances as they stood necessitated a certain level of candor?

"My ready room. Lieutenant, you have the bridge"

Cassandra sighed as she watched Richardson and the XO disappear into the Captains ready room, her quick word was going to have to wait.


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