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Long, Long Way To Go

Posted on Wed Nov 6, 2019 @ 10:50am by Nathaniel "Nate" Jackson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Unknown Location. Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1200

How it wasn’t that he was discovered by the Romulans yet, or even the movement, was a miracle for Nate. He had spent the best part of the last three years searching for his wife and daughter and he had them narrowed down to just one system, he knew the location, he knew the time that they would be moving. He had bought into the system, infiltrating what he needed, getting the information he wanted and for all the long nights traveling and hiding in cargo ships, living it “rough”, as he called it, having the feeling he was regretting every single step, this was the final step.

He had made contact some four days earlier with a Romulan Senator that he had known when he was working on the Federation’s response to the movement, and he had been able to get the information that he needed. They were in the ??? system, they were here. The intelligence was that his family was safe, they had been taken good care of, which was some small relief for Nate. Had they been hurt in any way, then all hell would have broken loose.

Nate trusted the Senator, he was a good friend, they had worked on relations between the Romulans and Federation for some time, and it was good between them. It was his intelligence that had brought many more pieces of information to Nate, but what Nate didn’t know, was that it was also going to the Federation. The Senator didn’t reveal this, but he had spoken not a week earlier with Admiral Eastwood about the developments.

[A Week Earlier]
[Admiral Eastwood’s Office – Xavier Fleet Yards]

“Senator, what do I owe this appearance,” he asked

“Gregory, I’m afraid I have something terrible to discuss. You know the hard work we have done to ensure that nothing occurs, you know the discussions regarding Nate Jackson we had, and how I have been trying my best to keep him away from the truth, away from where he does not need to be, I could not keep it from him anymore. He was putting it all together and without this, he would have discovered it himself and I would not be here”

“Senator, I can’t imagine what you are talking about?” the Admiral was trying to play dumb, but he knew.

“Gregory don’t act stupid, please. Nate knows the location. You need to send a ship to collect him. You need to send someone. I am sending the location that he will be in; you have ten days. I am due to meet with Nate in four days in a secret location, and then it will take him five days to get to the system, you have that time to be in place”

“I guess we can’t hold this off any further. Nate is a problem, if we have any chance of stopping the movement, we can’t have him getting right in the way. They will see him and will flee, we may never see Lhaerrh tr’Volskiarr, Nate or even his family again and then where will we be?” responded Gregory, he knew it was now time. His mind was going straight to whether he sent the one ship... the one person who could end this once and for all

“You have ten days. I need to go, I’m due on the senate floor shortly” as the commlink ended.

[Present Day]

Nate sat in the shuttle, the markings were well and truly gone, he had made so many modifications to it, it barely looked like what it was meant to be. He put the autopilot on and waited for the coordinates to engage. Once they did, he moved back to the small table behind him. Taking a bite of the fruit on the table, he had tapped a few buttons and some old-style music started playing...

“Someone’s loved one’s heart stops beating in a street somewhere
So, it would seem that we’ve got a long, long way to go, I know
I’ve heard all I want to hear today”

Today was the beginning of the end. Today was the day it started... when everything finally came back to him. It was going to end today, whether the movement liked it or not.


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