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Getting Going... With New Orders, Part One

Posted on Wed Nov 20, 2019 @ 7:27pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein & Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae & Lieutenant JG Noah Maritz

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1100

“Bridge Crew to stations, departure in 5 minutes”

Anthony walked onto the bridge, having made the call while he was in the turbolift coming back from the meeting. He knew they had 2 hours, but this was just a little too important to waste a minute longer, they needed to go now. The crew were not aware, but he would tell them once they had left. Knowing 90% of the senior staff would be on the bridge, it would be a little bit easier but to make it clear, this was a mission-based not on personal feelings, they had a job at task.

The Executive Officer was already standing in the centre of the bridge, hands clasped at his back, watching the last few minor tasks being completed on the viewscreen. It appeared he’d been quite involved in the final preparations of the last ninety-or-so minutes before Excalibur’s departure when the Captain entered, however, the Andorian made it clear he was cognizant of his immediate surroundings by formally announcing the entry of his superior, “Captain on the bridge,” and taking two steps to the right and one step back. Richardson’s return to Xavier Fleet Yards had been noted by Lieutenant Commander Ghein, as had the change in the man’s demeanour and sense of urgency upon his return. A first-year Intelligence Analyst would have been able to recognize that some unexpected complication had arisen.

Artorius was ay helm, replacing an officer suffering from lungworm. It was an early shift and Artorius didn't mind. It would give him extra hours to log in and he enjoyed performing the preflight checklist. Everything was green across the boards and readouts were positive. The Romulan wasn't even aware of the XO's presence until he announced the Captain's entrance.

Cassandra could count on one hand how many times she had cause to spend any time on the bridge of the Excalibur, but she had a couple of reasons today. Firstly she wanted what she hoped would be a quick word with the Captain and the other; well, Cassandra hand never watched the bridge crew do their thing, her curiosity was itching at her.

“Lieutenant, can we have clearance to undock and clear the docking port in the next few minutes, please,” he asked

"You already have it, Captain," Artorius informed Captain Richardson, looking at the helm console. "We should be free of docking ports right, sir."

“Commander, all stations report ready?” he asked

Aye, Captain,” Ghein responded stoutly, now seated in his designated station in the centre section of the command deck.

“Alright, once we are clear, set course for heading 045, mark 00. Maximum Warp, please”

The pair of blue antennae visibly shifted forward, leading the rest of Ghein’s torso. Along with the frown, it was clear that the now bolt upright Lieutenant Commander was perturbed by the last order, “Sir, that heading brings us deeper into the Beta Quadrant.” There were only a handful of sensible reasons to send a dreadnought like the Excalibur in that direction, none of them very appealing, but all of them capable of explaining the shift in Richardson’s baseline behaviour. Being that he’d only just transferred from Starfleet Intelligence, the Andorian was privy to certain recent reports involving pirates, terrorist organizations, and even assorted unpleasantries that the majority of the Fleet wasn’t fully briefed on, “Ventax II is in the Betazed Sector.”


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