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Changing Tacts, Part Two

Posted on Mon Nov 4, 2019 @ 10:46am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Xavier Fleet Yards, Deck 53, Fleet Logistics Offices
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1015


“Your brother-in-law, Nathaniel Jackson. He has gone off the grid. I have to let you know this… your sister…. They…” Michael had to take a sip of water, this was hard for him. He knew Nate very personally, they worked very closely together for many years. Their careers went on different paths some years ago, with Nate working on the Free Romulan Movement debacle, but they still kept in contact and were very much friends to this day. To have read the report that he was missing, and the Intelligence reports as to where he was, it shook Michael to the core.


“Admirals, are you sure you want me and my crew to go and find him?” he asked

“Yes, you know him well, you worked with him in the corridor, he won’t be expecting it and he will make a mistake, and then bam! That will be your chance to bring him in and end this saga” replied Admiral Eastwood

“What about my sister and niece?” he asked, that was now a concern.

“Your secondary objective is to find them and bring them home. We consider them prisoners of war; civilian prisoners of war and we want to have them back. The intelligence you received hours ago is very credible and very recent so my suggestion is to head straight there and survey what you can. It won’t surprise us if Nathaniel is there” that was the first time someone had used his name, and not referred to him as Anthony’s brother-in-law.

“I need two things done first, before this mission goes ahead?” asked Anthony

“Name it” all four Admirals couldn’t say it quicker.

“I am either going to need clearance to head into Romulan space, be it a shuttle or the ship itself, or something to let me get in there to get him and my sister out”

“We can work on that, Captain. While the Romulans are serious about this being our mess, our problem. If we determine that this affects them and affects their future, we can get that clearance. Until we have that, or some agreement, you are not to enter the neutral zone, or Romulan space” replied Rear Admiral Springwood, he was an expert in discussions with Romulans, he knew a few on the Romulan Senate, and maybe could pull a few strings.

“... and the second?” asked Admiral Eastwood

“I need Thomas Dion removed from my ship. I have had serious doubts from my Executive Officer over his performance and why he is here. While I made the call for him to stay, I think we need to revisit this and have him sent to Starfleet Medical for better observation”

“It’s your call, I know Sidney Tyler-Moore came onboard, so maybe have Thomas taken off the ship and Sidney can go with him. Might be helpful, I know the Academy has been whinging about his absence and the classes they have tried to reschedule”

“Alright, I will speak with Sidney. How long do we have until we leave?”

“Two hours” was the response.


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