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Changing Tact, Part One

Posted on Mon Nov 4, 2019 @ 10:45am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Xavier Fleet Yards, Deck 53, Fleet Logistics Offices
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1000

Anthony sat in the office, he had been called upon to a briefing, it seemed strange that only a few hours ago, he was here already getting a briefing on the assignment that Excalibur would be heading on, but now to be called back, either there was something that was missing or circumstances had changed and a further mission briefing was required.

Worst case scenario, they had a whole new mission...

He sat patiently, just waiting. Then...

“Come on in, Ant” said a voice, it was Admiral Eastwood.

Anthony got up and headed into the large expansive office, he saw the Admiral head over to the lounge area in the office, this had to be something informal, but still with some presence as there was a few other high-ranking Admirals also sitting on the other lounges that were there. This was not a missed note in a briefing packet, something had happened, and they were here to tell Anthony.

“Anthony, this is Vice Admiral Cartwright, Vice Admiral Allison and I’m sure you know Rear Admiral Springwood. We need to discuss a matter of importance”

Anthony shook everyone’s hand and then sat down, there was glasses of water and some light snacks. Anthony took a glass, and a sip of water, then pinched a couple of small cookies. He waited for what was going to happen next.

“Captain” spoke Vice Admiral Allison; “Your brother-in-law needs to be brought in; this is now not a matter that we can hold off for any longer. He has now become a hassle in our efforts out in the corridor, and we can’t leave it any further. You are being taken off your previous mission, I’ll assign it to the USS Dominica and you will be sent in the next two hours to the corridor... well, back to the corridor to find and bring your brother-in-law into command at Earth for either reassignment or discharge from Starfleet”

The message hit Anthony for six, he had no clue what was going on. He heard the words “brother-in-law” and straight away, his thoughts went back to the messages he had gotten not a few hours earlier.


“Yes, you aren’t going to like this but we can’t ask anybody else to do this, it has to be you. Take the Excalibur if you want, do it on your own. I don’t care but this stays off the books, nobody but you, me and possibly your crew knows of this. Starfleet Intelligence as well, they authorized this, and you are required to inform them when you are taking this task on and only speak with them, or me about your dealings and investigation.”

“... it would be, what?” he was very curious

“Your brother-in-law, Nathaniel Jackson. He has gone off the grid. I have to let you know this… your sister…. They…” Michael had to take a sip of water, this was hard for him. He knew Nate very personally, they worked very closely together for many years. Their careers went on different paths some years ago, with Nate working on the Free Romulan Movement debacle, but they still kept in contact and were very much friends to this day. To have read the report that he was missing, and the Intelligence reports as to where he was, it shook Michael to the core.


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