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Secondary Orders, Part Two

Posted on Sat Oct 12, 2019 @ 7:52am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Xavier Fleet Yards, Deck 53, Fleet Logistics Offices
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1800


“Your brother-in-law, Nathaniel Jackson. He has gone off the grid. I have to let you know this… your sister…. They…” Michael had to take a sip of water, this was hard for him. He knew Nate very personally, they worked very closely together for many years. Their careers went on different paths some years ago, with Nate working on the Free Romulan Movement debacle, but they still kept in contact and were very much friends to this day. To have read the report that he was missing, and the Intelligence reports as to where he was, it shook Michael to the core.

“Where?” questioned Anthony


“Your sister and niece are still alive. They weren’t killed in that ambush on Otha Prime, they were never there. They were discovered on Nelvana III. What Starfleet Intelligence is concerned with is that Nathaniel has been missing and out of contact now for six months, he was due to arrive at Starbase 211 for his new assignment at that time but he never arrived. Four ships were sent to search for him and found no trace of him, that was until a routine patrol along the Neutral Zone some six weeks ago, discovered a Federation shuttle lying in the middle of a hollowed out asteroid near the Rumna system, close to the Fourth of July Nebula, and a search of the computer terminals determined it was his shuttle.”

“Concluding that he was in the area, a specialist ops team was dispatched there and we have photographic evidence that he is searching for them. This was taken three weeks ago” said Michael, handing over a PADD with an image on it.

“That…” pointing to one person in a large group; “That is your brother-in-law, and that there is Romulan Senator Varrin. We believe he is working with Varrin to infiltrate the movement. A further intelligence sweep of the movement, and we discovered this on Nelvana III” Michael handed over another image.

“That there is Lhaerrh tr’Volskiarr and right next to them is your sister and niece. They are alive. The bombing and ambush was a decoy to get the movement out of the area and let them regroup on Nelvana III, and we think they are planning an attack on one of our outposts or even Deep Space 6”

“...” Anthony couldn’t speak. His sister was still alive, well, according to this photo. They were alive and well. Anthony had no words

“Ant, Starfleet Intelligence is giving you orders to, once you have concluded this mission to make your way to the Nelvana system and rescue your sister and niece, and subsequently to find and capture your brother-in-law and bring him home. He is not in trouble, he just needs to come home”


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