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The Other Discussion, Part Two

Posted on Sat Oct 5, 2019 @ 7:06pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1615


“Two years ago, we were dealing with a natural disaster on Tania Borealis, which was home to a Federation outpost near the Klingon borders. What we didn’t know was that a group of six Klingons, one of which was Thomas’ father were already on the surface, as they had kidnapped the base commander and his security detail some weeks earlier right after the earthquakes. We had sent a team to go find them, and when we did, the away teams and the rescue shuttles were ambushed by the Klingons, and Thomas’ father”

“His father was a former Starfleet Commander, who was led to have died in sacrifice when the ship he was serving on was ambushed six years prior by the Klingons who had claimed the ship had strayed into Klingon territory when indeed it had not. Records indicated he died in that incident when he volunteered himself to the Klingon ship.


“What it actually was, was a ruse to gain his knowledge and find a way to infiltrate the Federation. During the ambush on Tania Borealis, the Executive Officer at the time, Commander Murphy, fired upon the Klingons and was killed by them. With the teams at a stalemate, I gave them the diplomatic option to leave and the incident would not be recorded, and that was it. The Klingons, bare Thomas’ father opted to leave, but his father decided that was not the right way and proceeded to, in what we thought was his way of coming with us, to grab Thomas’ phaser and kill himself, right in front of him”

Lieutenant Commander Ghein was no stranger to personal tragedies or awful twists of fate. A twenty-five year-long career in Starfleet Intelligence left little to the imagination in that regard. While on a theoretical level he could recognize certain events as especially traumatic for a person, he’d been dulled to the sharpness of a brick on an emotional one, “I recognize how terrible that must have been for him. What was done with Mr Dion following the incident?“

“Now, he had all the mandatory counselling sessions and what-not following the incident and was cleared each and every single time. His last session was not a month prior to the incident in the Brig”

The pair of blue hands had once again come together, this time on the conference table, index finger of one tapping a slow cadence on the back of the other. Ghein took a slow breath in and cast his eyes very quickly around the room. The breath was exhaled equally as slowly as his eyes came back to rest on Captain Richardson. He then shrugged and shook his head in what was a reasonable facsimile of what could pass for casually, “Sir, I recognize that you have a history with these men. I didn’t need a report to see that.

“What I also see, as an outsider with fresh eyes on these people and their circumstances, is a great potential for another tragedy by giving a broken man access to the shuttle bay,” Ghein emphasized the last four words with incredulity, and otherwise had all the right inflexions in his voice. Any seasoned officer would be able to hear the callous, unfeeling undertone of a spook analyzing a potential asset, though. The man knew what to say and how to say it, but at the end of the day everyone was just a variable in an equation to Ghein, “I am asking you to recognize that Thomas Dion needs a proper treatment facility, not a sinecure aboard an Ascension-class starship.”

"The decision has been made, Commander. That is the end of the discussion"

Ghein pursed his lips and nodded in resignation. After a moment he unclasped his hands and gently tapped the conference table twice with the pads of his fingers as he stood, “Understood. Your orders will be followed. Dismissed, sir?”



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