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The Other Discussion, Part One

Posted on Sat Oct 5, 2019 @ 7:05pm by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1600

Once the rest of the officers had left the conference room, most notably Sidney Tyler-Moore bringing up the rear of the exiting parties, Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein turned to face Captain Richardson. The sliding door closed as he stalked back towards the conference table, which allowed for a moment of uninterrupted silence between the two men.

Ghein clasped his hands behind his back and examined the captain of the Excalibur for just a moment, took a deep breath to calm and collect his thoughts, and proceeded, “Sir, Sidney Tyler-Moore is a fool. Flight lessons? In actual shuttles?” There were embers of the storied Andorian fire beginning to glow behind his words, especially as he began listing rhetorical questions to drive home his point.

To his credit, however, Ghein caught and steadied himself before continuing in a much more even keel, “Thomas Dion has evidently just had a breakdown, the fallout from which requires a constant security presence. How can we possibly justify his remaining aboard, let alone acting in any capacity as a member of this crew, no matter how insignificant?”

“The decision is made, Commander. I trust Sidney more than you think and if he feels that the right course of action is to have him stay here, to be monitored and overseen by himself personally, and to engage him in non-critical areas of the ship for a period of time, then I trust his judgement and his professional and personal opinion”

Ghein appeared unphased by the vote of confidence in Mr Moore, though was obviously bent on trying to understand how this course of action had been agreed to, “My concerns might be assuaged if I knew what happened with Mr Dion, as well as Mr Moore’s,” there was an undercurrent of derision there, “estimation of length of treatment aboard this vessel. I must have somehow missed these reports in the few hours I’ve been aboard.”

“For the sake of it, Sidney has actually been my counselor for the last twenty years, more so in the last year after I was told that my sister and niece had been killed by the Free Romulan Movement, a splinter group that I was chasing for five years, but was pulled off from when they discovered they had been kidnapped. He has helped my family, and my brother-in-law, Commodore Jackson who I was working with on this movement, to deal with that loss. His methods are very tried and tested and proven. I trust him to know what he is doing and to have any measures in place to ensure the safety of this ship and it crew.”

“As for Thomas, this stays between you and me, right?” he asked

“My career has been built around secrets, sir,” Lapzik responded plainly, opting to take a seat while he spoke.

“Two years ago, we were dealing with a natural disaster on Tania Borealis, which was home to a Federation outpost near the Klingon borders. What we didn’t know was that a group of six Klingons, one of which was Thomas’ father were already on the surface, as they had kidnapped the base commander and his security detail some weeks earlier right after the earthquakes. We had sent a team to go find them, and when we did, the away teams and the rescue shuttles were ambushed by the Klingons, and Thomas’ father”

“His father was a former Starfleet Commander, who was led to have died in sacrifice when the ship he was serving on was ambushed six years prior by the Klingons who had claimed the ship had strayed into Klingon territory when indeed it had not. Records indicated he died in that incident when he volunteered himself to the Klingon ship”


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