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Finding Out, Part Three

Posted on Fri Oct 4, 2019 @ 9:18am by Captain Anthony Richardson & Lieutenant Commander Sidney Tyler-Moore [PNPC - Richardson] & Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein & Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae & Ensign Noah Maritz

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1535


“The captain is right, we can’t risk him being even more of a danger. I have spoken with a few department heads about finding some suitable and non-essential work for Thomas. It will keep him out of harm's way and his security detail won’t be far away, neither will I. When he is not on duty, so to speak, he will be in his quarters, or in a session with me. I’ve worked with far worse cases than Thomas.” replied Sidney.

"Why hasn't Dion taken medical leave sooner?" Artorius wondered, mentally questioning the officer's decision to just 'push forward and deal with the pain later.' He was aware of the sensitivity of the issue, so the Romulan would put his words delicately.


"It's almost protocol to have an examination of something of this magnitude. If's he's been a...forgive me, pressure cooker all this time, then Mr. Dion should have reached out for help or someone in medical should have treated him way sooner."

“A man necessitating this magnitude of security is surely less of a danger behind a forcefield than in a corridor,” Ghein was very pointedly addressing Tyler-Moore. “Forgive my fresh arrival on board, Captain,” he looked to Richardson now, “but who is Thomas Dion and what exactly happened?”

"That, my friend is what I'm here to determine and figure out. By talking with him, keeping him in a routine of sorts, he will be more receptive to be open with the past and what has led us to this point and I can then see where this has all changed from his original path and try to find a way to set him back onto his path once more," replied Sidney

"I'll discuss the situation in more detail with you, later on, Commander. If you don't mind" Anthony said, looking over at his new Executive Officer.

Ghein was very obviously displeased that the Counselor had inserted himself back into the conversation before Captain Richardson had had a chance to explain the ongoing situation with Dion. No sooner had the other lieutenant commander started speaking than Ghein had turned an impassive, almost predatory glare upon the man. The Andorian didn’t blink throughout Sydney Tyler-Moore’s addendum. In fact, the only further outward gestures Ghein offered the man was the impatient setting of his jaw and a nuanced gesture with his antennae that was as extremely rude as it was highly unlikely to be recognized by a non-Andorian. The executive officer remained quite attentive to his superior, though: no sooner had Richardson spoke than Ghein had turned to the Captain with a professional facial expression and the appropriate deference in his tenor, “Of course, yessir.”

"At the moment, Thomas won't be doing much but spending time with me. When I feel he is ready, we are going to start him working on some flying skills, getting some training done on a few shuttles and learning a bit about them" commented Sidney

"If nobody else has anything, dismissed"


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