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The First Of Many

Posted on Sun Sep 29, 2019 @ 6:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Sidney Tyler-Moore [PNPC - Richardson] & Lieutenant JG Thomas Dion [PNPC - Richardson]

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 7, Dion’s Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1630

Sidney had finally found the time, after getting a few things sorted to head down and speak to Thomas. It wasn’t that he was avoiding him, he just wanted to ensure that he knew where things stood with the crew. As they had now been told, he was now fully aware that everyone was on the same page and that he wouldn’t feel unwelcome or shunned when it came time to head back into his duties, even if it wasn’t right where he was originally.

Sidney knew that he wouldn’t be holding a phaser again, that was totally out of the question but the few moments that he would have with his range of duties would be sufficient enough to keep him occupied, and it may just be a stepping stone to a new pathway in Starfleet. Sidney would not be giving up on him easily.

As he approached the door, he noticed the two security guards posted outside; “Afternoon, Doctor Sidney Tyler-Moore”

“Afternoon, Doc. Mind if we just call you Sidney?” asked one of the officers.

“Sure, rank has always bugged me. It’s like a collar you can’t shake” laughed Sidney, as the officers tapped a few buttons and the doors swooshed open. Sidney headed in, the doors closed behind him with a thud. He heard the locks engaged.

Thomas was at the table, he was enjoying some afternoon tea that he had replicated. He still had privileges like that, but heading out for all bare a couple of hours was strictly watched by the security teams assigned to oversee his custody. He didn’t seem to mind about them now, most of the crew just avoided Thomas now. They had rumours spreading about what had happened, as it would have happened. He just felt better just staying in his quarters. There was a couple of piles off to the side of books.

“Looks like someone might need a trip to the library soon” smiled Sidney as he headed over. Thomas looked over at Sidney and got up; “You must be the doctor they sent for, Sidney Tyler-Moore, from what I heard the captain say a few weeks ago”

“You’d be right, son. Let’s have a seat and chat. I’m here for you, to see how we can move you forward” he said, before he kept going; “We are going to be having loads of these chats, so all I’m going to ask is that you are honest with me, when you feel ready to be open about your feelings. Don’t feel pressured just because I’m here, we do this in your time. Sound good to you?”

“Yeah, Doc. It does” replied Thomas

“... oh, and while we get going, call me Sidney. That sound fair, Thomas?” he asked

“OK” was all Thomas said in response.

“Let’s get started as Sidney pulled out a PADD and placed it on the table. Thomas had a feeling things would be recorded. Sidney also had with him an old-fashioned notepad and pen. He liked to write down details and use the PADD to check the facts after the session.

“Starting on Stardate 00000.00, this session with Thomas Dion, recorded and placed under seal, voice authorisation; Tyler-Moore-423-Green”

“Thomas, let’s go back to the moment in the brig around two weeks ago. What was going through your mind when you had the call that a member of the crew, had been taken in and was heading down to the brig for being drunk. It sounded like something normal, but your actions were…” he stopped

“I don’t really know what came over me, it was just like I had to take my own action, like I didn’t care about anything but the pain of what this person was doing and I just needed…” Thomas stopped mid-sentence.

“Needed what, Thomas” asked Sidney, trying to probe a bit further.

“I… I…. can’t Sidney.”

“It’s alright, Thomas. Let’s come back to that and talk about your childhood, growing up in your hometown. Where were you born?” Sidney had to move the subject, he could see that the incident was bringing up something in Thomas. He made some notes to revisit it at a later date.

“Oh… Biloxi, Mississippi. Wish I could go back there one day” and for the first time in a very long time, Thomas actually had a smile on his face. Sidney noted that. It was home where this journey would begin.


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