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Schism, Part One

Posted on Sat Sep 28, 2019 @ 3:16am by Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein
Edited on on Sat Sep 28, 2019 @ 8:25am

Mission: Do You Remember?
Location: Xavier Fleet Yards, Deck 94, Chief Intelligence Officer’s Office
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0500

“You knew,” Director Talaav spat that last word, “what your priority was, Lieutenant Commander,” and the accent that Ghein had come to recognize as “Texan” really drove home the Tellarite’s disgust, “all this talk of prerogative - you can take that right to hell with that excuse!”

Ghein remained seated, both feet planted stoically on the floor, fingers interlaced placidly in his lap, and his attention fully upon his superior. He blinked several times once Talaav finished his tirade, allowing the man a brief window to continue with what had turned into a rather ill tempered, if brief, rant. Once that moment had passed, however, Ghein decisively began to speak, “Captain Talaav, it seems to me that I haven’t explained my motivations clearly enough. I’m exercising my prerogative -“

The shorter, stockier man rose from his chair and shouted Ghein down, “‘In order that you may better execute your current duties,’ and all the other Intelligencia platitudes,” there was clearly a mist of spittle emphasizing the last word, “you could cram into your be-damned final report!”

Ghein shrugged rather cavalierly and nodded in ascension, “Yessir.”

Talaav began to visibly tremble and his voice rose in pitch, “I know what you’re doing, Commander! And you won’t,” he stabbed an index finger towards Lapzik’s face, “get what you think you will!”

“I disagree,” Lieutenant Commander Ghein responded blithely.

Talaav dropped his arm, a galled expression strewn across his porcine face. He huffed with incredulous disbelief and shook his head. After a tense moment, he deflated and sunk back into his chair. “You’ll have no oversight,” Captain Talaav stopped short with a sudden, almost desperate clarification, “not oversight, Ghein ...,” and searched for a read on the unperturbed Andorian sitting across the desk, a man who’d become as close to a friend as a high ranking intelligence officer could afford, “ ... your operations will be yours alone.”

There passed a solemn moment. Lapzik heaved a sigh.

Talaav pursed his lips; he tapped a finger on his desk idly.

Ghein nodded gravely, “I understand.”

Talaav sighed.

The lieutenant commander tapped one still interlaced index against the back of his opposite hand. He exhaled sharply and shifted his weight forward, “Dismissed sir?”

“You’re dismissed.”

Ghein stood sharply and quickly made his way for the door. There were three additional checkpoints on his way off of the Intelligence Deck, the last one being the set of doors that enclosed him within a turbolift. “Guest Quarters,” he stated, and within moments the doors opened again. The lieutenant commander hesitated to exit the lift, however; his eyes moved to either side of the open door, his antennae shifted back slightly, and his first several steps seemed measured, almost ginger. Just as soon as he saw the corridor was virtually devoid of activity his pace accelerated to a brisk, business-casual.

Another moment saw him entering his quarters, though the door stuck open for just a second longer than it normally should have. “Computer ...,” the chime was unmistakable, “... Personal Log; encrypt the following entry under ‘Theta.’”


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