USS Excalibur

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Missed Something?

Posted on Wed Aug 28, 2019 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Rae
Edited on on Thu Aug 29, 2019 @ 7:41am

Mission: All In A Day's Work
Location: USS Excalibur, Deck 13, Main Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 0650

The Captains Yeoman had caught up with Cassandra and let her know the briefing start time as she was coming out of her own office. Fresh coffee and PADD in hand the Chief Medical Officer headed in the direction of the nearest turbo lift to her office. Delayed by good mornings and the inevitable, ‘oh while you’re here I just need to tell you…’ stuff that people do when they have a chance of expanding on the general ‘good morning.’ Just because Cassandra was being polite did not mean she actually wanted to stop and chat, had none of her personnel ever heard of a memo?

Now instead of being early for the briefing Cassandra would get there on time. Just as she neared the turbo lift her combadge activated. Surprised to hear Dr Venice’s voice. The newly graduated Doctor was still on the surface and at this time of the morning he should be getting some well-deserved shut eye. “Is everything alright Dr Venice?”

“Dr Rae, its Dr Jamieson, He’s been fitting for just over twenty-two minutes now. Nothing I’ve given him is effective.” There was the note of near panic in the young man’s tone that alerted Cassandra to the fact the young Doctor felt out of his depth. That and the fact he was contacting her in the first place.

“Where is Dr Forbes?” Cassandra asked with a frown, Forbes was one of the colonist’s own doctors and had been the Doctor of choice to step into the leadership roll after the death of the senior medical staff.

“There’s a memorial service this morning at the ruins of the medical centre, I volunteered to cover here.”

Cassandra winced she had forgotten about the service. She knew it would be noted that she had not attended, wonderful. “Alright Dr Venice, tell me exactly what’s happening.”

Dr Venice inhaled raggedly and got out in a rushed breath. “At the start of the seizures I’ve administered two 20 micrograms doses five minutes apart of Ethocarbinide. When ineffective I switched to Levetriacetide 40 micrograms also five minutes apart. No response.”

Stepping aside to let other crew members of the turbo lift, Cassandra leaned against the corridor wall. Dr Jamieson was one of the patient’s they had nearly lost to the fungal spore infection, had she missed something? “Alright, I need you to administer 25 micrograms of Eslicarminoxin, two doses three minutes apart. Once you’ve done that contact Dr Acklom. And we’ll emergency transport him directly to us.”

“But that will flat line his cerebral activity.”

“That’s the plan. Do it. Rae out.” They didn’t have time for a teaching session, if they didn’t get on top of the seizure the doctor would die.

Contacting Dr Acklom Cassandra rapidly explained the situation and instructed, “Isolation protocols in place please. Go with 0.75micrograms of Tricordrazine in conjunction with the neural stimulator. Also patch in his readings to my PADD I’ll be down as soon as I can, Rae out.”

Stepping into the turbo lift Cassandra took a drink of coffee, perversely enjoying the burn of the nearly too hot liquid. Had she missed something? Only time will tell.


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